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BoA* - History of BoA 2000-2002

DVD Review






 Amazing BoA item all time.
Feel BoA during 4:40minutes!
5.1 Surround + HD Quality!
Music Video + Karaoke +
Documentary and many more...




NTSC, 16:9 (Anamorphic Widescreen),
Dolby Digital 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1


Korean, English


Korean, English


280 minutes


3 (Korea) l All (Japan)






Disc 1

Disc 2

1. Play The "ID;Peace B"
2. Chapters
- Program Start
- Before debut, Audition
- First Stage
- First Music Video
- School, Friends
- Meet the world star, Ricky Martin
- First C.F
- Challenge the Korean No.1 Song
- The best Rookie
- Birthday Party
- Act in Situation Drama
- SM Town Carol

3. Song Clip (karaoke)
- ID;Peace B - "SBS Popular Song" Stage
- ID;Peace B - Music Video
- Sara - "SBS Popular Song” Stage
- Sara - Music Video
4. Special Features
- Special Video Jockey Collection in SBS Popular Song 2000.9.3 - 12.4
- BoA's Documentary (In USA, England)
- BoA's Photo Gallery
5. DVD Setup
6. Web info
7. Credits

1. Play the "No.1" (16:9)
2. Chapters
- Program Start
- First Show Case on Japan
- BoA in Japan
- Health Management, Favorite Food
- Finally, the First Class of Korean Song
- 2002 Worldcup & BoA
- Music Video "Valenti"
- Meet the World Star, Westlife
- I Love "Seoul"
- SBS Korean Popular Song Awards, 2002
- Closing
- Staff Scroll
3. Song Clip (Karaoke 16:9)
- Don't Start Now -"SBS Popular Song" Stage
- Don't Start Now - Music Video
- Listen To My Heart -"SBS Popular Song" Stage
- No.1 - (16:9)"SBS Popular Song" Stage
- No.1 - Music Video
- Amazing Kiss - (16:9)"SBS Popular Song" Stage
- My Sweetie - Music Video
- Valenti - (16:9)"SBS Popular Song" Stage
* Bonus Track: Atlantis Princess M/V
4. Special Features
- BoA's Documentary (in Japan)
- SBS "Countdown" Star Rank - BoA 2002.7.19
- BoA's Making of Video
5. DVD Setup
6. Web info
7. Credits





Package & Design 1/2 from

 Package is really great. First of all, All items are in very big and thick BoA binder! When binder gets opened,
we can see brown color box again, there are two amaray cases in this box. Behind of this box, there is also brown color diary. 




 Each amaray case includes one liner note (Chapter list).
Disc1's booklet has 4 pages. Disc2's one has 8 pages.
Disc2's booklet includes credits & Special thanks more.
This information found! BoA music video directors.

Music Video / Director

ID;Peace B

Kang Je Kyu (Kang je kyu Film)



Don't Start Now

Lee Chul Ha (H Film)

Listen to my Heart




Amazing Kiss




Disc 1 booklet + Disc 2 booklet




Screen from

Left one is disc 1 main screen. Right one is for disc 2. Backmusic is Yeseule's favorite BoA song. No.1 (Korea version)!
Each page has its own backmusic! No.1, LISTEN TO MY HEART, NOBODY BUT YOU...
Background picture is animated. Menu design is pretty but not that good quality. A little bit grainy.

Chapters screen of Disc 1.
Chapter page includes total 3 pages.
Each has 4 chapters. Disc 1 includes total 12 chapters.

1. Program Start, 2. Before debut, Audition
3. First Stage, 4. First Music Video
5. School, Friends, 6. Meet the world star, Ricky Martin
7. First C.F, 8. Challenge the Korean No.1 Song
9. The best Rookie, 10. Birthday Party
11. Act in Situation Drama, 12. SM Town Carol

Chapters screen of Disc 2.
Disc 2 also includes total 12 chapters.

1. Program Start, 2. First Show Case on Japan
3. BoA in Japan, 4. Health Management, Favorite Food
5. Finally, the First Class of Korean Song
(Listen to my Heart + Amazing Kiss)
6. 2002 Worldcup & BoA, 7. Music Video "Valenti"
8. Meet the World Star, Westlife
9. I Love "Seoul"
10. SBS Korean Popular Song Awards, 2002
11. Closing, 12. Staff Scroll


Audio & Subtitle 1/2 from

Japanese subtitle was supposed to be included. but for some reasons, they canceled. Maybe cuz of pressure by Avex? Anyway
Audio part of music video applies these. Dolby Surround 5.1, Dolby Stereo, Dolby Surround 5.1 (Karaoke), Dolby Stereo (Karaoke).
So fans can sing along BoA's hit songs. No.1, My Sweetie, and many more.... Here only korean subtitle comes with.
Some live stange audio track is not real Live sound. They dubbed original CD sound. Maybe this is cuz of Karaoke track.
If they include original live sound, they cannot devide instrumental part.

PS : Atlantis Princess doesn't include karaoke option.

Video 1/2 from


DVD starts with BoA's commentary. She recorded when she visited Jejoo island (Korea's famous island). From the opening til the end.
We can see and hear BoA's commentary! Great! Left picture is from disc 1. Right one is from disc 2.

First Stage Left pic : BoA's debut stage of SBS Popular K-pop program. Very valuable live stage video!
BoA was sensational even before her debut. cuz of her age. There are some interviews.
First Music Video Right pic : BoA is talking with Lee Soo Man (Producer of BoA) &
Famous director Kang Je Kyu (who directed Shiri). He also made ID; Peace B MV for BoA.

BoA is singing S.E.S - Love as well as Park Ji Yoon's Sunginsik. Very Very CUTE~ and she sang so well.
School, Friends Right pic : BoA with her friends. Real friends. Left girl studies in canada. BoA said.
by the way, That style is really cool! White cap + Sky blue jacket! + Hip hop jean~

First C.F First CF. gienic White C. making film.
Challenge the Korean No.1 Song Right pic : BoA VS Fin.k.l. This day, BoA lost. ID; Peace B's peak position was No.2.
Fin.k.l got No.1 on this day with their song 'NOW'. but BoA did good! She went to the no.2 with her debut song!

The best Rookie BoA was chosen as The Best Rookie of 2000. Congratulations.
Act in Situation Drama Right pic : BoA in SBS Situation Drama "Golbaengi".
Her role was cute little scoundrel girl. We can see very naughty BoA here.
She snatches money from older boy. (^o^);;;; The first time BoA acts.

SM Town Carol Since BoA is in SM label. She recorded SM Carol song with other singers of SM. S.E.S, Shinhwa, Kangta....
There are total 5 SMTOWN season compilations feat. BoA.

First Show Case on Japan
This was BoA's debut convention.
Around 300 reporters were invited here.
This was very special day.
BoA's live stage can be seen for awhile.
From this day. BoA has been rising star in japan.
Step by step! Yeah!

BoA present package which was given
to the reporters on this day.
In the box, BoA mouse pad,  BoA MD Player!
This means really a lot.
There has not been event like this
for other japanese singers.
Yeseule wanna have this! ---->

BoA in Japan BoA's 3rd single in japan 'Kimochiwa Tsutawaru' MV making film.

SBS news reporter is
speaking about BoA fever in japan.
2002.1.30. BoA's 4th single 'LISTEN TO MY HEART'
was on No.3 on japan billboard chart (ORICON).
This was the first time that K-pop singer did this.
But time after time,
more shocking news kept be reported!
Oricon No.1 (LISTEN TO MY HEART Album)
Oricon No.1 (VALENTI Album)
Oricon No.1 (Shine We Are! Single)

Health Management, Favorite Food BoA's room. WOW BoA is holding Mashimaro!
Alicia Keys also likes Mashimaro. We can see her with mashimaro in her MV.
and she is cooking Ddugbboggi. Yummy~ BoA is saying "I will cook Duugbboggi for my boyfriend someday!".

Finally, the First Class of Korean Song Her very first No.1 song in korea at last! It was No.1. More than one month.
No.1 = No.1 (^o^)/

Special Stage in SBS Popular K-pop program.
Fake BoA danced to No.1.
and with Listen to My Heart.
Real BoA appeared on stage.
BoA danced to Listen to My Heart +
Amazing Kiss.
These are different version which are included in
'Song Clips'. So we get total 4 versions.

2002 Worldcup & BoA No.1 (Worldcup performance stage) BoA is wearing Taeguggi (Korea flag) printed pants.
In this worldcup season. Almost every k-pop singers wear like this.
Lee Jung Hyun did too. (^O^)/ Dae Han Min Goog! Fighting!

Meet the World Star, Westlife
BoA meets westlife for 'Flying without Wings'. Cannot see westlife. maybe banned to insert them on this dvd?

I Love "Seoul" BoA was chosen to introduce Seoul! Capital of South korea. She also sang theme song for Seoul. Hi! Seoul.

SBS Korean Popular Song Awards, 2002 2002 K-pop awards. She won the best prize. Left pic : Special stage.
BoA was with Kangta, Moon Hee Joon, Fly to the sky. They sang Bee Gees cover version 'How Deep is Your Love'
+ 'Heuringiugsogeui Geudae' (K-pop hip hop classic). If u look carefully BoA style, u can find similar things of Atlantis Princess.
Goggle! Many BoA fans liked this style. so BoA did this style when she was back with Atlantis Princess.

BoA is crying tears of happiness. She sang No.1, crying. (;  -  ;)/ Congratulations!

'Stage of Dream' called 'The Red and White music contest' in japan.
Every J-pop singers dream of standing on this stage all through their life.
BoA was chosen to be invited here finally. This program has 45% of viewing rate in japan. The biggest number of people watch
in japan all through the year. This show is aired on every 31st, December in japan. She sang 'VALENTI' on this day.

At the end, there is making film with credits.

No.1 MV screenshots (Can't help fallin' in love with this MV)

Disc 1 has 2 live stage videos + 2 Music videos. Disc 2 includes total 8 videos.
Video quality is very good. but not the best. Cuz some high quality HDTV video files ripped from TV are better.
U can check the video quality with above No.1 MV screenshots.

Music Video + TV Stage Video Disc 1



ID;Peace B (SBS Popular Song Stage)

ID;Peace B (Music Video)



Sara (SBS Popular Song Stage)

Sara (Music Video)

Music Video + TV Stage Video Disc 2

Don`t Start Now (SBS Popular Song Stage)

Don`t Start Now (Music Video)

Listen To My Heart (SBS Popular Song Stage)

No.1 (SBS Popular Song Stage-16:9)

No.1 (Music Video)

Amazing Kiss (SBS Popular Song Stage-16:9)

My Sweetie (Music Video)

Valenti (SBS Popular Song Stage-16:9)

BONUSTRACK : Atlantis Princess (Music Video)


Bonus from

Disc 1 includes Special Video Jockey Collection of SBS Ingigayo, BoA Documentary (in USA, England), BoA's Photo Gallary!
Disc 2 includes BoA Documentary (in Japan), SBS "Countdown" Star Rank, Making film of Videos.
Special features are really great!!!

Left pic : BoA is introducing SBS K-pop chart. Yeseule captures No.16. Cuz it is Lee Jung Hyun song. The Peace.
Left pic : BoA gallary! pictures are from ID; Peace B Album. *CUTE*

Actually, Disc 1 had to include Documentary (in Japan). Since this is the first one.
Anyway this is very interesting documentary! Period that BoA was getting ready for her 1st korea special album.
'Don't Start Now/Jumping into the world. She visits Japan and USA, England!
At this time, SM official site used to offe 1minute video file of this documentary. Total 50files.
But now with this DVD, we dun need those files!!!!!!!!!

Very interesting TV Show feat BoA. DVD includes english subtitle, so english users will be able to understand.
Watch carefully, U will see very funny moments. Right pic : Reason why we are mad about BoA. Best 5.

Making films of Video is really worth! Especially No.1 + VALENTI!

Making of No.1

Making of waiting..

Making of My Sweetie

Making of VALENTI

Web link. BoA korea official site by SM, japan official site by Avex and SBS....

Result from

SM and SBS created really unique music DVD. DVD comes with singer's MVs as well as other special moments!
Interview, TV show, Documentary, making film of Video, Karaoke, Awards, TV Live performance......
If U R BoA fan? This item is the best item! Highly recomended! No other word for it! NO.1!
We can watch BoA during almost 5 hours!!!!
U can see history of BoA just like the title of DVD. from debut. Besides all tracks come with english subtitle.
Maybe it is true that BoA is prefaring to be the world star. She will also release english remix album titled 'Next World'.

PS : Success of this DVD, Yeseule hopes other k-pop singers DVD to be made like this! Just like
Lee Jung Hyun or Uhm Jung Hwa.

 mini link : Yeseule's BoA Tribute