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1st Korean Promo Song : ID; Peace B

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01.ID; Peace B [3:53]
02.Come To Me [3:30]
03.체념 (Heart-Off) [3:49]
04.SARA [3:48]
05.비밀일기 (I'm Sorry) [4:47]
06.안돼, 난 안돼 (No Way) [3:31]
07.차마 (Every Breath You Take) [4:56]
08.I'm Your Lady Tonight [3:04]
09.Whatever [3:31]
10.어린 연인 (Young Lovers) [4:21].
11.이별준비 (Letting You Go) [3:57]
12.먼 훗날 우리 (Someday Somewhere) [3:59]
13.Bonus Data :
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1st Korean Promo Song 'ID; Peace B'



ID; Peace B (Korean Version)



Produced by Lee, soo man, Directed by Yoo, young jin, Written, Composed, Arranged by Yoo, young jin, Recording & Mixing studio : BOOMINGSYSTEM AUDIO, Recording & Mixing engineer : Yoo, young jin, Assistant engineer : Yoo, han jin. Yoo, chang yong, String conducted by Yoo, young jin, String performed by Shim, sang won. Uhm sae hee. Han, hyae won. Kim, woo hyun(violin) Chung, woon ju(viola) Kim, so young(cello), Back vocal performed by Yoo, young jin. Kim, hyuen a. Lee, joon hee. Jung, mi young, Guitar: Groovie. k

Release date


Catalogue No SSM-049

Peak Position

2 (SBS Ingigayo)





BoA was an issue even before her debut because of her young age 14. Even CM of BoA's debut was broadcasted. She made her debut stage on SBS Ingigayo. As soon as she appeared on the TV screen, tons of anti-fans were born together. Surely there were true BoA fans who supported BoA but BoA might be the 1st K-pop artist who had such a numerous anti-fans. At that time, male group H.O.T rocked K-pop music field, their fans were almost crazy. When they heard that BoA would break the record of the youngest K-pop singer, they started abusing BoA so terribly. They posted fake sexual rumours about BoA and increased anti-fans. When BoA used to sing 'ID; Peace B', they shouted "Get out!" to the song. No wonder BoA got shocked and hurt by unexpected reactions after taking few years, prefaring her debut. Anyway 'ID; Peace B' reached no.2 on SBS Ingigayo chart. (NO.1 song was Fin.k.l's 'NOW')

MV was made by Kang Je Kyu film. He is very famous movie director who made 'Shuri'. Producer Lee Soo Man gave great support to BoA to make her as world star but the start didn't look good.

Song was written and composed by Yoo Young Jin who is also R&B singer. Lyrics shows a distinction, comparing to other young K-pop singer songs. BoA sings about new generation related to cyber world. "Peace B is my network ID. We are different. No world we can't go." After BoA's appearance, the most surprising point was her choreography which cannot be seen from other female singers, She danced really toughly. She used 'Gaggi'(Beat motion) to 'ID; Peace  B'.


Korean  /  Japanese / English


ID; Peace B (Korean Version) 3:53
ID; Peace B (Japanese Version) 3:53
ID; Peace B (Chinese Version) 3:54
ID; Peace B (English Version) 3:53
ID; Peace B (Instrumental) 3:54
ID; Peace B (Jonathan Peters' Radio Mix) 3:58
ID; Peace B (Jonathan Peters' Club Mix) 7:33
ID; Peace B (Jonathan Peters' Sound Factory Dub) 8:22
ID; Peace B (Sinichi Osawa Remix) 4:29

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MV screenshot

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