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5th Korean Promo Song : Neul.. (waiting..)

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5th Korean Promo Song 'Neul.. (waiting..)'


01.No.1 [3:13]
02.My Sweetie [3:37]
03.Waiting.. [4:15]
04.Tragic [3:48]
05.She Love! [3:36]
06.Day [4:11]
07.Dear My Love.. [4:00]
08.I (Beat It!) [3:29]
09.P.O.L (Power of Love) [5:13]
10.My Genie [4:15]
11.Pain-Love [3:41]
12.Happiness Lies [3:53]
13.Realize (Stay With Me) [4:18]
14.Azalea [4:40]
15.Listen To My Heart [3:53] (Bonus Track)

16.BONUS DATA : BOA'S INTERVIEW, Sleeve making film, Recording with Kang-ta, ALBUM(Listening, Lyrics), PHOTO, POSTER DOWNLOAD



Neul.. (waiting..)



Written by Kang-Ta, Composed by Kang-Ta, Arranged by Ahn Ik-Soo, Vocal Recorded by Lee Sung-Ho, Kang-Ta at K.T. Studio, Strings Recorded by Jung Gi-Hong, Choo Yoon-Ho at Seoul Studio, Piano Recorded by Kim Hyun-Yong at GaGa Studio, Mixed by Yuh Doo-Hyun, Lee Sung-Ho, Kang-Ta at S.M. Digital Recording Studio, Strings Arranged by Jun Jong-Hyuk, Strings : Kim Woo-Hyun + 13, Piano : Song Gwang-Sik

Release date


Catalogue No SSM-049

Peak Position




BoA sang two songs for promotion of her 2nd album in Korea, 'NO.1' + 'Neul.. (waiting..)'. This DOUBLE title was for increasing sales. 'NO.1' for people who like upbeat popstyle song and waiting's target was people who like sad ballad song.
BoA sang 'Neul.. (waiting..)' at least more than 9 times on TV & Cable TV.

Kang-Ta's typical ballad song this is. Very pathetic & emotional. Music video story is about some girl whose boyfriend has passed away. Girl has waited for him such a long time in spite of knowing that he is in heaven now. She is so alone in her own place but when the sun goes down, showing violet blue sky, her boyfriend appears in the sky, girl takes his hand and they fly to the sky and they show their previous happy moments on the screen, flying high in the sky with stars but she must realize that they have to be seperated.  
These happy moments are not real but the past she keeps trying not to forget. She hides herself from her lover to let him go.
"I know very well. All the thing I can do for you is our seperation. Please forgive me my poor love for you that I just realized. I love you, I just wanted to say this..."

BoA spoke about recording with Kang-Ta. (Can be seen with Enhanced part of 'NO.1/waiting..' Korean issue CD). "Mr. Kang-Ta is a little bit strict person as a composer, (^_^);; well It was very hard for me to finish recording of this song." BoA's fake voice sounds touching, matching the sad lyrics. There is also SISTER-SONG of Neul.. (waiting)... 'EeByulPoongGyung (Always)' also composed by Kang-Ta. Similar melodyline also sad lyrics. This song is included in 'DoublE', BoA's 1st single released in Korea.

PS : Only one BoA's music video which has never been included on DVD.




Neul.. (waiting..) (Korean Version) 4:15

[NO.1/waiting.. (Korean Album)]

MV screenshot

Neul.. (waiting..) (Music Video) screenshots