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5th Korean Promo Song : NO.1

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5th Korean Promo Song 'NO.1'


01.No.1 [3:13]
02.My Sweetie [3:37]
03.Waiting.. [4:15]
04.Tragic [3:48]
05.She Love! [3:36]
06.Day [4:11]
07.Dear My Love.. [4:00]
08.I (Beat It!) [3:29]
09.P.O.L (Power of Love) [5:13]
10.My Genie [4:15]
11.Pain-Love [3:41]
12.Happiness Lies [3:53]
13.Realize (Stay With Me) [4:18]
14.Azalea [4:40]
15.Listen To My Heart [3:53] (Bonus Track)

16.BONUS DATA : BOA'S INTERVIEW, Sleeve making film, Recording with Kang-ta, ALBUM(Listening, Lyrics), PHOTO, POSTER DOWNLOAD






Lyrics by Kim Young-A, Arranged by Kim Ho-Hyeon, Original Title : Number One, Original Composer : Ziggy (Sigurd Heimdal Rosnes), Original Publisher : Saphary Songs/BMG Music Publishing Scandinavia AB, Vocal Recorded by Yoo Yeong-Jin, (Assistant: Yoo Han-Jin) at Booming System, Vocal Director & Processed by Yoo Yeong-Jin, Session Recorded by Shin Chan-Soo at ACO Studio, Mixed by KAT at S.M. Digital Recording Studio, Chorus by Kim Hyeon-A, Guitar : Sam Lee

Release date


Catalogue No SM-031

Peak Position




After ORICON CHART No.1 of BoA's 1st Japanese album 'LISTEN TO MY HEART', BoA was back to Korea to rule her fatherland Korea. BoA's debut album & special album in Korea couldn't be the best seller, regarding nice promotion of SM. And she got a fame in Japan. From this period, BoA wrote her history all over again.
With the title track NO.1 composed by Swedish composer.
BoA was changed really a lot, In the MV of NO.1. She was not a kid anymore.
Her hairstyle, outpits, powerful choreography. Every Koreans who had known BoA before got a shock.
Yeseule's become a BIG BoA fan since this era. Music video was so fantastic with choreography.

And just like the title, She became NO.1 in Korea too.
NO.1 was one of megahit song of 2002. Staying at NO.1 during a few weeks on every K-pop chart.
NO.1 kept being played everywhere all the time in Korea, 2002.
Absolutely BoA must be chosen, K-pop singer of 2002. Not only becoming NO.1 on the chart, she changed many things in this year, she was truly NO.1 in Korea, this year.

Music video was directed by Japanese director Takeshi Wataru who directed BoA's Japanese PVs.
And BoA won the best music video prize which is the best prize at m.net music video festival 2002.

And two NO.1 versions exist. Actually 1st press included NO.1 (Original Version) after two weeks,
SM replaced NO.1 (TV Mix) on the album secretly, without any official notice. but since 2nd press, TV Mix version has been included. There are total 3 versions of NO.1 (Korean album).
Click here for details.

In Avex trax license album of NO.1. Exclusive NO.1 (English Version) is included but without enhanced part.
So if you wanna buy BoA's NO.1 album. Check this before you purchase. Which is better?
Original Korean issue with Enhanced Part (BoA's Interview, sleeve making film, recording with Kang-ta, Album (Listening, Lyrics), Poster + Photo download. Or Japanese license issue with NO.1 (English Version).
If U r crazy for BoA, maybe u must purchase both of them, as well as NO.1 (Korea first press) with NO.1 (Original Version.
All each bonus materials of each albums are great. Enhanced part is really killing. Besides, NO.1 (English Version) is exclusive. But the rarest thing is NO.1 (Original Version) of the 1st Korea press.

And after m.net music video festival, NO.1 (REMIX) was used,
whenever BoA sang NO.1 on TV or Live concert.

Very cool and fresh remix sound but it has never been released officially. but u can download mp3 file ripped from video file on the internet or file share program. Sound quality is not that good but it is still worth listening to this nice remix.


Korean  /  Japanese  /  English



NO.1 (Korean Original Version) 3:13
NO.1 (Korean TV Mix) 3:13
NO.1 (Japanese Version) 3:16
NO.1 (English Version) 3:12
NO.1 (Instrumental) 3:14
NO.1 (REMIX) 2:52
NO.1 (bpm* Nonstop Megamix Edit) 1:14

[NO.1/waiting.. (Korean Album - 1st press)]
[NO.1/waiting.. (Korean Album)]
[kiseki/NO.1 (Japanese Single)]
[NO.1/waiting.. (Japanese Licensed Album)]
[kiseki/NO.1 (Japanese Single)]
[bpm* Sampler Aug. 2002. (Korean DJ Service Compilation)]

MV & Live


NO.1 (Music Video) screenshots
NO.1 (2002.04.14 SBS Ingigayo Come Back Special Performance) screenshots
NO.1 (2002.04.21 SBS Ingigayo Performance) screenshots
NO.1 (2002.04.25 KBS Music Bank Live) screenshots
NO.1 (2002.05.12 KBS Opened Music Show Live) screenshots
NO.1 (2002.05.12 SBS Ingigayo Performance) screenshots
NO.1 (Live version from 1st Premium Event) screenshots