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CF Promotion + Video Clip 'Gienic White C' (Korea Promo Only VCD)


1. Gienic White C BoA CF + NG Collection
2. ID; Peace B (Music Video)
3. SARA (Music Video)

BoA did cosmetic CM.
This promotion disc was given for people
who bought gienic white c cosmetics.
The rarest BoA CD all time!
Impossible to find this at this moment.


'ID; Peace B' (Japan Promo Only Press Kit)

Press kit which was given to reporters
at BoA japan debut convention.
This box includes

ID; Peace B 1track MD
Panasonic SJ-MJ33-A MD Player
BoA Profile
Mouse Pad


2002 Press Kit (Korea Promo Only BOX)






BoA's lesson video before her debut. PV making and many more....

ID; Peace B (Korean Version)
Don't start now (Korean Version)
LISTEN TO MY HEART (Japanese Version)
Amazing Kiss (Japanese Version)
Duration : 20min

CD 1

CD 2

1st Album¡ºID; Peace B¡»
01. ID; Peace B
02. Heart-off
03. I'm Your Lady Tonight
04. Come to Me
05. No way
06. Whatever
07. Someday Somewhere
08. SARA

special Album¡ºDon't Start Now¡»

09. Don't Start Now
10. Love hurts
11. Dreams come true
13. Let U go
14. Don't Start Now (English version)
15. Love letter

1st single Album¡ºID; Peace B¡»
01. ID; Peace B
02. Dream come true

2nd single Album¡ºAmazing Kiss¡»

03. Amazing Kiss
04. Amazing Kiss£¨English version)

3rd single Album¡ºKimochiwa Tsutawaru¡»

05. Kimochiwa Tsutawaru
06. Next Step¡¡

¡ºSong nation with KODA KUMI¡»

07. the meaning of peace¡¡

4th single Album ¡ºLISTEN TO MY HEART¡»

09. Snow White
10. LISTEN TO MY HEART (English version)

Yeseule saw this item on Yahoo japan auction.
It ended at 25000yen. (T-T)

Look at the CD sleeve! Never seen!!!!!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeseule had thought that Yeseule had all BoA items!!!
Suddenly this item appeared.  

well. seems like that this item was made
before Every Heart single.

but never appeared on Auction site
So this item must be super rare one! (T---------T)

press for only pressmen.
1 VHS + 2 CD




Honda CF (Japan Promo VHS)

This promotional copy includes
Commercial film of Honda fair!
CM song by BoA is very cool. So many BoA fans got interested
but never got released. The song was made for this AD.

But 2nd Honda CM song is Earthsong!
This VHS is sold at expensive on Yahoo japan auction.
In this CF, BoA dances with Honda robot ASIMO!