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슬이가 넘 이뽀하는 망가죠! *^-^*
테리, 안쏘니, 알버트씨등 잊기 어려운 캐릭터들...
캔디가 웃으며 살아가는 모습은 많은 여성들에게 힘을


CandyCandy DVD BOX 1 & 2 (Korean Version)


CandyCandy DVD BOX 1 (Korean Version)


CandyCandy DVD BOX 2 (Korean Version)


Watching CandyCandy DVD with BBOYANI~ How cute~



CandyCandy Theme Song

I dont' care if i'm freckle faced,
And I like my falt nose
I love being tomboish & Mischievous
And I lvoe racing & skipping.
I am, I am , I am Candy!

Wehn i'm all by myself
I feel a ittle bit lonely.
At times like that , I look in the mirror
and say this:
"Smile, smile, smile Candy, Candy!"

I don't care about my figure-
I think i'm cute being a bit chubby.
I love lassoing & climbing trees,
And I love whistling & chatting.
I am, I am, I am - Candy


CandyCandy Theme Song
Second Translation

She's a girl, pretty girl
With ribbons on her hair.
She's a girl with lots and lots
Of fun and friends to share.
She likes to climb all high places
And find her way through dark staircases.
She'll paint your world in bright colors.
Her name is Candy.

When ever clouds make her
Day look gray and everyones hiding from the rain,
She tells herself there still another day.
Surelly tommorow she can play.
She's a girl, she's a girl
They call her Candy.
Don't ever leave me, don't run ways please,
Candy, Candy.

She's a girl, she's a girl
They call her Candy
Don't ever leave me, don't run away
Please , Candy, Candy

She's a girl, funny girl
With ribbons all untide
Who's a girl, who plays
Her games with names till
You don't know her name!

She loves the praries, and
Rides the ponies
She loves the sleighbells
When they come ringing.
She loves to sing when the
birds are singing
Sing her name Candy.
When ever friends tell her
Friends she's bad and
Everyone's saying that she's
Wrong she tells ehr self
"Look back, jsut smile"
Surely tommorow she'll be



        정말 환상적인 동산위의 왕자님!!
그가 있으면 로멘틱한 분위기가....


LINK 캔디 링크예요~ 너무 예쁜 사이트들이 많아요~ *^-^*

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