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Various Artists - Club Cinema


Various Artists - Club Cinema Vol.2 (Korean CD Compilation) [Rare : OOO]

OST dance cover compilation.

YeseulE* bought this CD to own
A Lover's Concerto
by Love Machines feat. Sunny.

Out of print. Now hard to find.


1 That Thing You Do! 3'48
(from the movie 'That Thing You Do!')/Boom Boom Club
2 Lovefool 3'36
(from the movie 'Romeo + Juliet')/Natalie Brown
3 A Lover's Concerto 3'18

   (from the korean movie 'The Contact')/Love Machine feat. Sunny

4 That's The Way I Like (Radio Mix) 3'26

   (from the movie 'Calito's Way')/2 Funky  

5 Shy Guy 3'50

   (from the movie 'Bad Boys')/Latin Venus feat. Jinny

6 Every Breath You Take 4'33

   (from the movie 'A Risky Business')/Undercover

7 Born Slippery 4'11

   (from the movie 'Trainspotting!')/Wonderworld

8 X-Files 3'44

   (from the TV show 'X-Files!')/The Blue Men

9 I Say a Little Prayer 4'14

   (from the movie 'My Best Friend's Wedding')/David Michael Johnson

10 Young Hearts Run Free 4'10

   (from the movie 'Romeo + Juliet')/Respect feat. Hannah Jones

11 Blue Moon 2'59

   (from the movie 'Babe')/John Alford

12 Sweet Dreams 3'20

   (from the korean movie 'Beat')/DJ Scott feat. Lorna B

13 Happy Together 3'41

   (from the movie 'Buenos Aires')/X-press feat. Sunny

14 Por Una Cabeza(Tango) 4'19

   (from the movie 'True Lies'/'Scent of A Woman)/Techno Jam

15 Somewhere Over The Rainbow 3'57

   (from the movie 'Face Off')/Mary Anne 

16 Once Upon A Time In America 3'43

   (from the movie 'Once Upon A Time In America')/DJ Dado