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Disconet - Dance Classics On CD Series #1
(DJ Remix Service CD Compilation) [Rare : OOO1/2]







Track List

1. BANANARAMA - Love In The First Degree (Penthouse Dub by Steven Von Blau & Mike Carroll) 4:50
2. JANET JACKSON - The Pleasure Principle
 (Megamix by Tuta Aquino & Roger Pauletta) 7:23
3. DEPECHE MODE - Behind The Wheel 
(Powermix by Dennis Muyet) 6:56
4. RAINEY - I Can Fly (The Final Voyage)
 (Megamix by Steven Von Blau & Mark Styles) 7:48
5. TANTRA - Hills Of Katmandu
6. HAZELL DEAN - You're My Rainbow
7. WHITNEY HOUSTON - Love Will Save The Day
 (Disconet Edit by Mike Carroll) 6:20
8. MARK STYLES - Jump (Part II)






DJ remix service DISCONET's the first CD issue! This was released only in 12" box.
Very rare copy, hard to get. Also expensive. Issue comes with popular disconet remixes.
Look at the fantastic tracklist. Bananarama, Janet, Depeche Mode, Whiteny and so on....
All the remixes are done by proffesional DJs. These remixes are exclusive disconet remix.

This copy was released without any insert or art work.
Later issue vol. 2, 3 comes with Sleeve but the first issue doesn't.

Yeseule had to get this for
Bananarama - LITFD Collection!
Cuz Yeseule collects everything about Love in the first degree.