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Various Artists - Live Special 1 (라이브 스페셜 1집)


Various Artists - Live Special 1 (Korean VCD) [Rare : OOO1/2]








요태 [PASSION / 파란]

미경 [이브의 경고 / 넌 그렇게 살지마
             I Love You Sentimental Reasons]

정화 [눈동자 / 배반의 장미 / 스칼렛]

찬휘 [현명한 선택 / 용서 / TEARS]

이비복스 [중국공연 실황]
                    [GET UP / KILLER / 배신]









Out of print K-pop live video VCD made by Dae Gyung DVD. This one contains Koyotae's TV music program live videos, Park Mi Kyung's concert clips, Uhm Jung Hwa's concert clips (Same one from Her live DVD), So Chan Hwee's live clips and clips of Baby V.O.X concert in China (Same one from MUSIC CHAMP DVD).
Yeseule bought this one for Koyotae, Park Mi Gyung, So Chan Hwee.