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Scream - Do You Know SCREAM? (Korean CD Album) [Rare : OOO1/2]









1. (Intro) Scream 3'40"
2. 천사의 질투 (I Want Your Love) 3'29"
3. 시작된 전설 3'51"
4. 너의 진실 3'42"
5. 널 추억하며 (지원에게) 5'08"
6. 스무살의 비망록 3'51"
7. 사랑 모험 (Love Lesson) 3'51"
8. 어둠의 자식들 3'56"
9. Forever My Lover 3'57"
10. 첫눈이오는날 4'04" 








There are two hit songs in this debut album. 2nd track (Angel's Jealousy) composed by famous korean composer, Yoon il sang. and 6th track (Twenty's notebook) composed by Joo Yeong Hoon. Yeseule bought this album for 2nd track! Cute dance music!
Released by King Record. 1996.9. Click
for listening.








Scream - Scream in Screen (Korean CD Album) [Rare : OOO1/2]








01.Home Alone 나홀로 집에 (Christmas Version) 4:50
02.Pretty Woman 귀여운 여인 (Miami Dance) 3:49
03.Last Concert 라스트 콘서트 (Trot Dance) 3:39
04.Legend Of Fall 가을의 전설 (Ballad) 4:59
05.Goodbye My Friend 굿바이 마이 프렌드 (Gangster Dance) 4:20
06.Love Story 러브스토리 (Hip Hop+House+Miami+Ballad) 3:29
07.Frankenstein 프랑켄슈타인 (Rock Dance) 3:42
08.Switch 스위치 (House Dance) 3:29
09.Living Lasvegas 라스베가스를 떠나며 (R&B Ballad) 4:49

-Bonus track-
10.Legend Of Fall (Piano Version) 4:59
11.Pretty Woman 귀여운 여인 (MR) 3:49
12.Last Concert 라스트 콘서트 (MR) 3:39
13.Love Story 러브스토리 (MR) 3:29
14.천사의 질투 (Remix) 3:47
15.혼자살기로 했어 (G.Funk) 4:26









Scream's 2nd album is their last album. Yeseule bought this CD for track14. 'Jealousy of An Angel' (Remix).
Each track comes with film title. Very hard to find CD in korea now.