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S.E.S. (에스이에스)


S.E.S. - ('Cause) I'm Your Girl (Korean Promo MCD) [Rare : OOOO]








1. ('Cause) I'm your Girl (Rap Version.) - 3:40
2. Dejavu - 3:42

3. ('Cause) I'm your Girl (Standard Version.) - 3:40
4. ('Cause) I'm your Girl (Inst.) - 3:40
5. Dejavu (Inst.) - 3:42

Extremely rare promotion CD of S.E.S.!!! Yeseule luvs their
('Cause) I'm your Girl so much! This promo CD contains
exclusive 2 versions! Standard Version (w/o Rap) + Instrumental! + Dejavu (Instrumental) So valuable CD!
Not for Sale / Only for Promotion
Booklet shows lyrics. Amazing item for S.E.S. fans! (^O^)/









S.E.S. - I'm Your Girl (Japanese MCD) [Rare : OOO]








1. めぐりあう世界 (MIAMI DJ MIX) 5:19
2. Believe in Love (JOHN ROBINSON GROOVIE MIX) 4:47
3. (’Cause) I’m your Girl (KREVA MIX) 3:45
4. Oh, My Love (CYBER SOUL MIX) 5:08

Released in 1998/12/10.
CD comes in a hardcover box with 1999 calendar.









S.E.S. - S.E.S. (Korean Sampler CD Album) [Rare : OOO1/2]









 1 ('Cause) I'm your girl 3:40
2 Oh, My Love 3:29
 3 Nonsense 3:53
4 Dejavu (데자부) 3:42
5 Good-bye 4:00
6 완전한 이유 4:30
7 친구 4:39
8 ROCK'n 나라 3:49
9 오늘이 지나면 4:24
10 그대의 향기 4:25








YeseulE* got promo sampler CD from 2nd hand CD shop before. Very pretty picture disc! (^_^)/ Debut album of S.E.S.! Hooray!








S.E.S. - S.E.S. (Japanese Enhanced CD Album) [Rare : OOO]








01.('Cause) I'm your girl 3:46
02.Oh, My Love 3:33
03.Nonsense 3:56
04.Dejavu 3:45
05.Good-bye 4:08
06.Perfect Reason 4:34
07.Friend 4:34
08.School 3:53
09.Love Story 4:28
10.Scent of Yours 4:26

Bonus Track
11.('Cause) I'm your girl Promotion Video









Japanese licensed CD of S.E.S's debut album. Japanese issue includes I'm Your Girl PV! YeseulE* really likes this song! Arigatto! Mit-jjang! Sadly no picture disc unlike korean CD + No picture booklet! So must buy both editions if you like this album! Keke. (^_________________^)/








S.E.S. - I'm Your Girl (Taiwanese CD Album+VCD) [Rare : OOO1/2]









1.OH MY LOVE 3'30"

3.KISS 4'14"

4.朋友 4'30"

5.SHY BOY 3'37"
6.I'M YOUR GIRL 3'42


08.感覺 3'44"

09.過了今天 4'24"

10.完全的理由 4'30"

1.I'm Your Girl
2.Dreams Come True
3.Oh! My Love 









Special album released in Taiwan. This album contains tracks from 1st & 2nd album of S.E.S.. Bonus VCD contains 3 MTVs with 1 postcard, 1 calendar. CD+VCD comes in a cardboard box. Now long out of print!








S.E.S. - Dreams Come True (Korean VCD) [Rare : OOO]


A Part. 바다 건너간 귀여운 요정
B Part. S.E.S 영상일기 - 마음의 편지
C Part. S.E.S 패션 따라잡기 바다처럼... 유진처럼...
슈처럼... 나는 이런 패션의 남자가 좋아
D Part. 댄스 댄스 댄스
Dreams Come True(with 유진) I'm your girl(with )
Oh, my love(with 바다) 너를 사랑해 (with ING, with S.E.S)
E Part. S.E.S와 친구들이 만났어요! - 두 번째 만남
F. Part S.E.S Music Video

Yeseule really likes I'm Your Girl dance + MV.
So had to buy this one!
Cuz this vcd includes Learning I'm Your Girl Dance!
Lovely digipack case with booklet!