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YMGA (와이엠지에이)


YMGA - made in R.O.K (Korean CD EP) [Rare : OO1/2]


1.Get up 3:44  /  2.Scandal ft. Taebin 3:39  /  3.Tell it to my heart ft. 엄정화 3:54  /  4.What ft. YG family, DJ wreckx 3:56  5.Real Talk ft. 태양 3:32  /  6.Let it play ft. 김지은 3:32

YeseulE* bought this CD to own only 1 track.
Track 3 'Tell it to my heart ft.
Uhm Jung Hwa.
This is
Taylor Dayne cover.
YMGA is hiphop duo(Master Wu+Digital Master, DM).
TaeYang of BIG BANG is featured for the track 5.
Digipack EP CD released by YG.