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Cutygirl (Eurodance Mom)

Name : Hong YeseulE*
Nation : South Korea
Homepage : Yeseule's Mania Realm
Email : yeseule@gmail.com
ICQ : 83132141
Favorite Song : Bananarama - Love in The First Degree
Favorite Album : David Lyme - Like A Star
Favorite Singer : BoA (Beat of Angel <--Yeseule loves her!), Bananarama
Favorite Music Video : BoA - No.1
Favorite Book : Demian by Herman Hesse, Ann Rice's Every Novel
Favorite Genre :
High NRG, Bubblegum, PWL, 90's Eurodance
Italo Disco+Dance, DJ Remix Service, K-Pop Dance
How Many Vinyl & CD Yeseule has : Secret! (^p^)v
What Yeseule thinks of Yeseule's Site :
Lovely! Perfect! Cute, Sexy, Pretty! Wonderful!
Marvelous!, Awesome! hehehehehe  (^O^)/

Discomix (Eurodance Baby) [DJ Remix Service Mania]

Name : Steffen Spranger
Nation : Germany
Homepage : Hotdiscomix
Email : info@hotdiscomix.de
ICQ : 126760276
Favorite Song :
1. Tantra - Hills Of Katmandu
2. Donna Summer - I Feel Love
3. France Joli - Come To Me
4. Sharon Redd - In The Name Of Love
Favorite Album : France Joli - Come To Me (Prelude Records 1979)
Favorite Singer : Donna Summer
Favorite Music Video : Michael Jackson - Thriller
Favorite Book : "Wie Farben wirken" (Like Colours Work) from Eva Heller
Favorite Genre : Disco, DJ Remix Service
How Many Vinyl & CD Steffen has : 800
What Steffen thinks of Yeseule's Site :
Informatively, funny & with much Loves created

 Good Looking Gentleman~ (^O^)


Mylenium (Eurodance Baby) [PWL + 90's Eurodance Mania]

Name : Paul Klasen
Nation : The Netherlands
Homepage : None
Email : paulenium@planet.nl
ICQ number: 112408375
Favorite Song : Sinitta - Toy Boy
Favorite Album : Mylenium Tour - Mylene Farmer
Favorite Singer : BoA (Beat of Angel),
Mylene Farmer. Atomic Kitten, Dannii Minogue
Favorite Music Video : L-ame-stram-gram / Melene Farmer, VALENTI / BoA
Favorite Book : Don't have
Favorite Genre :
PWL, 90's Eurodance, Italo Disco+Dance
How Many Vinyl & CD Mylenium has :
Too Many
What Mylenium thinks of Yeseule's Site :
I sort of live on Yeseule's site I really like the site a lot, everyday I spent many hours on her site especially the community I like very much. :)


Woofer (Eurodance Baby) [Eurodance Mania]

Name : Min Ryu
Nation : South Korea
Homepage : None
Email : djkapra@gmx.net
ICQ : 108696752
Favorite Song :
F & F - Get your freedom, X-Fade - Dance, Wildside - Forever Forever Forever,
Two Kind - Wakin' Up, Mikki - Meteor Man & Many More
Favorite Album : Lato Vol. 6, Deep Dance.. & Studio 33 & Many More
Favorite Singer :
Task Force feat. Trisha, Lita Brown, Kikka & many more
Favorite Book :
Favorite Genre :
90's Eurodance
How Many Vinyl & CD Woofer has : Vinyl - 400, CD - 1000
What Woofer thinks of Yeseule's Site : Webmaster is pretty (^O^)/


Thunderbolt (Eurodance Baby) [Italo Disco Mania]

Name : Mitsuhiro Sato
Nation : Japan
Homepage : http://f12.aaacafe.ne.jp/~eurosati/top.html
Email : jnrg.sato@nifty.ne.jp
ICQ number: none
Favorite Song : COO COO - All You Need Is Love, RADIORAMA - Why Baby Why, MARK FARINA - Rock Of Love, MAX AND COMPANY - Midnight Radio
LISA JOHNSON - Someone To Love, MAX COO & STEVE COO - Boogie Dancer

Favorite Album : CHRIS - My Name Is Chris
Favorite Singer : Emanuella Gubinelli (TALEESA), BoA (cute!!)
Favorite Music Video : BoA PV Clip "8 films & more"
Favorite Book : Galaxy Express 999, Dragon Ball, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Favorite Genre :
How Many Vinyl & CD Mitsuhiro has : 2,500 - 3,000
What Mitsuhiro thinks of Yeseule's Site : The best WEBSITE for me.
I learned various things in this site. This is made very in detail.
I respect you very much. Keep it up!!!!


Vanja (Eurodance Baby) [Bubblegum Mania]

Name : Vanja Renate Nilsen
Nation : Norway
Homepage : Yummydance
Email : vanja@nilsen.ms
Favorite Song : "I'm not Sure."
Favorite Album : E-Rotic - Sex Generation
Favorite Singer :
Favorite Book : "I'm not Sure."
Favorite Genre :
Bubblegum, Eurodance
How Many Vinyl & CD Vanja has : No Vinyls but Many Hundred CD's.
What Vanja thinks of Yeseule's Site :
"Very Good One!" :)


Euroboy (Eurodance Baby) [Italo + Euro Disco Mania]

Name : Jung Soo Yeong
Nation : Korea
Homepage : None but
Winamp Broadcast [euroboy.inlive.co.kr]
Favorite Song :
Tension - My Dream,
Thomas & Schubert - Little Flower, Tina - Crazy For You,
Top Secret - Let It Be, Humphery Robertson - Don't Stop Loving Me,
Roger Meno - I Find The Way, Alan Cook - Bad Dreams
Favorite Album : London Boys - The 12 Commandments of Dance,
David Lyme - Like A Star, David Lyme - Lady,
Blue System - Twilight, Radiorama - The Best of

Favorite Singer :
London Boys
Favorite Book :
Favorite Genre :
Euro Disco, Italo Disco, High NRG
How Many Vinyl & CD Euroboy has :
Vinyl 300, CD 600
What Euroboy thinks of Yeseule's Site :
Very Cute Site with Many Informations! lol


Min-Doh (Eurodance Baby) [S.A.W / P.W.L Mania]

Name : Choi, Min-doh
Nation : Korea
Homepage : Soundmuseum
Email : mindoh@hanmail.net / mindoh37@hotmail.com
MSN Messenger : mindoh37@hotmail.com
Favorite Song : ELSA - T'en Vas Pas (12" Remix)
KYLIE MINOGUE - Better The Devil You Know, SINITTA - You Keep Me Hanging On

Favorite Album :
KYLIE MINOGUE - Kylie Minogue (1994), SINITTA - Wicked,
ELSA - L'essentiel 1986-1993, SARAH BRIGHTMAN - Fly
Trees They Grow So High, ALYSSA MILANO - The Best In The World

Favorite Genre :
High NRG, Bubblegum, PWL / SAW, 90's Eurodance, Chanson
How Many Vinyl & CD Min-Doh has :
I gave up counting when I had 330 CD's 3 years ago.
What Min-Doh thinks of Yeseule's Site : God... she's just crazy.

KDJ (Eurodance Baby) [Eurodance Mania]

Name : Karine "KDJ" SANCHE
Nation : France
Homepage :
The Eurodance Encyclopaedia
Email : eurokdj@yahoo.com
ICQ : 56849117
Favorite Song : (N-trance "Electronic pleasure",
Culture Beat "Mr Vain", Loft "It's raining again",
DIP "Give me your lovin", E-rotic "Gotta get it groovin"... and many others)
Favorite Album : DJ Bobo "There is a party"
Favorite Singer :
E-rotic, DJ Bobo, Masterboy
Favorite Book :
"White Fangs" (Jack London)
Favorite Genre : Eurodance
How Many Vinyl & CD KDJ has :
About 100
What KDJ thinks of Yeseule's Site :
very nice, complete, a lots of things to discover. Keep up the good work

Mixx-it.com (Eurodance Baby) [DJ Remix Service Mania]

Name : Douglas
Nation : USA
Homepage : Mixx-It.com
Email :
ICQ : 106367432
Favorite Song : The Ride Inside - Cameron Paul
Favorite Singer : Depeche Mode
Favorite Book : The Hot House
Favorite Genre : 80's underground, synth, industrial, Funky Breaks, Freestyle,
Old School Hip Hop, Techno, Remixx, Progressive Dance, NRG

How Many Vinyl & CD Mixx-It.com has :
To many to count.
What Mixx-It.com thinks of Yeseule's Site : Detailed, comprehensive, interesting

No Pics at this moment

Creative Designs (Eurodance Baby) [DJ Remix Service Mania]

Name : Creative Designs (Real name: Willy Kuijpers)
Nation : Holland
Homepage : None
Email : morefriendly@wanadoo.nl
ICQ : 135419151
Favorite Song : Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round, Divine - Native Love, Flirts - Passion, Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax & Two Tribes, Yazoo - Sitiuation, 
Shannon - Let The Music Play, Soft Cell - Tainted Love
Favorite Album : Deep Forest
Favorite Singer :  Deep Forest
Favorite Book : Not one at particular,
Favorite Genre : In general new age and spiritual books.
How Many Vinyl & CD Willy has : 3000 LP and 12", 250 CD,
220 CDR with DJ Services MP3.
What Willy thinks of Yeseule's Site : That's not easy to say in a few words.
The Site is as beautiful and mysterious as the owner. The site shows great taste of music and shows beside of that, that Yeseule knows how to make and keep friends.
It looks a little like a place where everybody wants to be. At least I like to be there.
I wish everybody a nice stay on Yeseule's site