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The Fearless Vampire Killers;
or Parden Me but Your Teeth are in My Neck

DVD Review






Widescreen 2.35:1 (Letterbox),
Original English Dolby Digital




Portuguese, None


110 minutes








Roman Polanski


Roman Polanski
Jack MacGowran
Alfie Bass
Jessie Robbins
Sharon Tate








DESIGN 1/2 out of


They inserted interesting intro here.
This may be the one
of the merits this brazilian issue DVD has.

Main menu screen.
Words written in Portuguese. (-o-);;;
But u can see their meaning, by clicking them.
Left -> Right
(Start film / Extras / Chapters / Set Up)


VIDEO 1/2 out of

The most terrible thing was poor video quality! Yeseule still cannot believe this horrible quality. (>o<)
Picture quality of this dvd is worser than VHS.
Hopes this dvd would get released in france. with super quality + special bonus materials.




As u see, There is no charming in this dvd. even english sub doesn't come with!!

BONUS out of

Biography, and Filmography, Gallary, Poster and rare goods pictures, Alternative opening, Original trailer,
Release information, Commercial ad of this dvd company. and credit information.
Looks as it comes with pretty many supplements! There are several interesting bonus materials here.

Roman Polanski & Sharon Tate's biography.
Portuguese only. (T-T)

Filmography section.

Two sections exist in Gallary part. One comes with regular movie still pictures, and other ons is full of Roman & Sharon.
Just like many critics or fans did, staffs of this dvd company bring Roman & Sharon's life.
They included many regular pictures of Roman & Sharon,
Most of them were taken from late 1960's. before Sharon got murdered.

What an interesting picture! We can see Roman in the set of Fearless Vampire Killers. He looks funny here.

As u know already. Lovely sharon got murdered by Charles Manson. Why Yeseule mentioned about this is that
Yeseule could find pregnant sharon pic here. What a tragedy...
Plz cheer up! Roman, We all admire your works u've been done!

In Rare goods section, So many poster pics were found!
But most of them are very poor quality. Maybe source was from internet but they are still worth seeing.

They put alternative unused title sequence. Exact the same one from Laserdisc. Animation is pretty cute & funny.

RESULT 1/2 out of

The very first DVD issue of this film.
So yeseule had to get this one from brazil.
But as yeseule did guess, this one is not that worth having.
Pretty soon, special edition dvd gotta get released!
If u cannot stand for having dvd edition of this film.
U can buy this brazilian issue.
Only if u can stand this poor quality.

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