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Year Hit Medley

1977 - 1981 Medley.mp3
1991 Medley.mp3
1992 Medley.mp3
1993 Medley.mp3
1995 Medley.mp3


2 Unlimited-Twilight Zone (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
666-Amokk (US Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Abba-Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Ace of Base-Beautiful Life (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Ace of Base-Don't Turn Around (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Ace of Base-Living in Danger (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Ace of Base-Lucky Love (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Angelina-Release Me (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Aqua-Bumble Bees (Hot Tracks NRG Digital Mix).mp3
Backstreet Boys-As Long As You Love Me (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Bananarama-Cruel Summer (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Bananarama-Every Shade of Blue (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Bananarama-I Found Love (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Bananarama-Last Thing On My Mind (NRG for The 90's Digital Remix).mp3
Bananarama-Long Train Running (Hot Tracks Digital Remix).mp3
More, More, More (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Bananarama-Movin' On (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Bananarama-Shy Boy (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Bananarama-Strike It Rich (Hot Tracks CD Edit).mp3
Berlin-Sex (Hot Tracks - The Edge Digital Mix).mp3
Blondie-Heart of Glass (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Boy Krazy-That's What Love Can Do (Hot Tracks Edit).mp3
Boys Town Gang-Can't Take My Eyes off You (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Britney Spears-Baby One More Time (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Britney Spears-Oops!... I Did It Again (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Britney Spears-
I'm A Slave 4 U (Hot Tracks Mix pt1).mp3
Britney Spears-
I'm A Slave 4 U (Hot Tracks Mix pt2).mp3
C&C Music Factory-Gonna Make You Sweat (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
C&C Music Factory-Things that Make You Go Hmmm... (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Cathy Dennis-Touch Me (All Night Long) (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Celine Dion-It's All Coming Back to Me Now (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Christina Aguilera-
Come On Over (All I Want is You) (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Christina Aguilera-Genie in A Bottle (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Cyndi Lauper-She Bop (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Daze-Superhero (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Dead or Alive-
Lover Come Back to Me (Hot Tracks Remix).mp3
Debbie Gibson-Only in My Dreams (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Delage-Rock the Boat (
NRG for The 90's Mix).mp3
Delage-Runin' Back for More (NRG for The 90's Edit).mp3
Deja Vu-My Heart Will Go On (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Donna Summer-Bad Girls (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Donna Summer-Love's about to Change My Heart (Hot Tracks Remix).mp3
Donna Summer-This Time I Know It's for Real (Hot Tracks Edit).mp3
Enigma-Sadeness Part. 1 (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Expose-I Wish The Phone Would Ring (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
File 13-Taste So Good (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Fizz Feat. Crystal Gayle-When I Dream (NRG for The 90's Mix).mp3
Go Go's-Our Lips are Sealed (Hot Tracks Lips Mix).mp3
Harajuku-Colors of The Wind (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Hazell Dean-Living On A Prayer (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Janet Jackson-Escapade (Hot Tracks The ¡°Let¡¯s Get The Hell Out Of Dodge¡± CD Edit).mp3
Janet Jackson-Love Will Never Do (Hot Tracks Edit).mp3
Jordy-Dur Dur Detre Bebe! (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
KLF-Last Train to Trancentra (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Kylie Minogue-
Better the Devil You Know (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Kylie Minogue-
The Loco-motion (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Kylie Minogue-Step Back in Time (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Kyria-Heaven (Must Be There) (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
La Bouche-S.O.S (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Lou Bega-Mambo #5 (part 2) (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Madonna-Burnin' Up (Original Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Madonna-Into A Commotion (Hot Tracks Mixed & Edited).mp3
Madonna-Mad about Madonna (Hot Tracks Medley).mp3
Marky D & Kevin Kay Pop Goes 2001 Megamix [Hot Tracks].mp3
Mary Griffin-Perfect Moment (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Mel & Kim vs Jamie Principle-Baby Wants to Ride vs.That's The Way It is (Hot Tracks Two Song Set).mp3
Men at Work-Down Under (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Morgana-A Sign (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Newton-He Don't Love You (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Newton-Sky High (NRG for The 90's Mix)
Newton-Sometimes When We Touch (NRG for The 90's Mix).mp3
Newton-Sweetest Secret (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Newton-The Newton Medley (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Newton-We're All Alone (Hot Tracks NRG Digital Mix).mp3
Paris-Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Pat & Mick-Use It Up and Wear It Out '91 (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Paula Abdul-The Forever Your Dancer Medley (Hot Tracks Mixed & Edited).mp3
Paula Abdul-Vibeology (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Pebbles-Giving You The Benefit (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Pet Shop Boys-This is The Pet Shop Boys Medley (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Poison No. 9-Lay All Your Love On Me (Hot Tracks Extended Edit).mp3
Pow Wow-I Don't Wanna Let You Down (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Rapport-To Love You More (NRG For The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Rick Astley-Never Gonna Give You Up (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Rick Astley-Together Forever (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Robert Farrell's 2001 Road Trip [Hot Tracks Yearend Medley].mp3
Rochelle-Born to Make You Happy (Hot Tracks NRG Digital Mix).mp3
She Moves-Breaking All The Rules (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Sinitta-Cross My Broken Heart (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Sinitta-Hitchin' A Ride (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Sinitta-Love Love Love (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Steps-Better Best Forgotten (Hot Tracks NRG Mix).mp3
Steps-Better The Devil You Know (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
Steps-Tragedy (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3 ??????????
Santa Maria (NRG for The 90's Digital Mix).mp3
The Sun Always Shines in The Morning Time (Hot Tracks).mp3
The Queen Mum's Almighty Records Medley (Hot Tracks NRG Mix).mp3
Various Artists-Matt ''The Bratt's'' 2K COLLECTIVE (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3
Weather Girls-It's Raining Men (Hot Tracks Mix).mp3
Whigfield-Think of You (Hot Tracks Digital Mix).mp3