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Birthday : 1980/02/07
Hobby : Playing Piano, Listening to Music
Job : Actress, Singer
Special ability : Observing stars, Writing a script, Traditional dance, Singing
Words : Great mind, great person, great act
Family : Daddy 'Lee Gil Sool, Mommy No Jae Hee, the youngest of 5 sisters
Height : 163cm
Weight : Under 40kg
Blood type : O
Religion : Atheist
School : Gae-Po elementary school -> Ahn Yang art high school -> Joong Ang university
Debut : By recommendation of teacher, movie 'Petal' (1996)
Filmography : Petal, Aloeswood, Maria's motel, Open your heart, 7 spoons,
                            Super Sunday MC, Goofy - The Rule of Game, JoPD - Fever

Role she wanna play : Role just like 'Forrest Gump', 'Rain Man'   Career : '96 Dae-Jong The best rising actress   
Favorite music : Asian underground techno music, Idian music, Cuba rock, Eastern european music, Afrikan music

Music she likes to sing : Shella Sandra's songs
Favorite Singer : Shella Sandra
Favorite people : Denis Lavant (Actor of 'Les Amants du Pont-Neuf 1991), Metallica
Favorite Actor : Edward Norton
Favorite Director : Luc Besson, Emil Kustrica
Favorite Food : Everything (Especially seafood, brown seaweed, lobster
Favorite Color : Red, White, Black
Favorite Season : Summer
Ideal Guy : A strong and responsible guy
Treasure : Telescope, Home Theater, Fan letters,
                      lovely fans, Ensonic (Computer music instrument)
Nickname : Idea (since she sings 'Classroom Idea', Queen of Techno
Youngster period : She used to dance, copying Michael Jackson
Dream she wanted : Musical actress
Charming point : Snaggletooth, Smiling
Favorite karaoke song : Han Yung-E - Anyone there?', 'Seotaeji and Boys - Come Back Home'
How to remove stress : Listening to rock
Recomended film : Forrest Gump