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Japanese female duo's remake version. Love in the first degree was remade total 5 times in japan.
Seems japanese love this melody. BaBe was duo in late 80's. but seems they were not that popular.
At first, Yeseule thought this song might be sung by children after looking at this sleeve.
BUT No way, two young girls sang this song. They remade Bananarama - I Heard A Rumour too.
CD with obi is very rare even in japan. Released in 1988/06/21
D32A0370 Pony Canyon. 1988.6.21.
There is PV of Babe - Love in the first degree.
To get information, yeseule talked with japanese guy before. he is webmaster of BaBe site.

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Fight! BaBe

01. Fight! 4:22

02. Tonight! 3:32

03. Full Moon Night 4:54

04. Love in the first degree 3:23

05. It's a Magic! 4:15

06. Midnight Juliet 4:21

07. Two Fish 5:24

08. Fishes 3:50

09. Best Friend 4:11

10. Silent Dancer 5:20

11. Get a Chance! (English Version) 4:12