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Mirage is a group, singing cover version megamix just like
They released several megamix albums in the past.
Jack Mix IV from UK [12" Remix] 12" &
V Seque Remix (This Is A Journey Into Sound) includes Love in the first degree part in the megamix.
Very short!! few seconds. hahaha. female vocal sings
"Guilty! Guilty! Guil-guil-guilty!" that's it.
They put LITFD on the sleeve. and shouts guilty three times. that's all. 14:54~58. Exatly 4 seconds.
How could this be!!
This is the shortest LITFD part among all the megamix including LITFD in it.


by Mirage



12": 87 UK DEBUT DEBTX 3035
Jack Mix IV *
Here It Is Get Into It

12": 87 UK DEBUT DEBTR 3035 [12" REMIX]
Jack Mix IV #
Here It Is Get Into It

* Includes F.L.M., Toy Boy
# Includes F.L.M., Toy Boy,
Love In The First Degree

Jack Mix I, II & III Seque Remix (Its So Fresh) 20:06
Serious Mix, Jack Mix VI, Jack Mix IV
& V Seque Remix (This Is A Journey Into Sound) + 19:31

+ Includes Roadblock, Mr Sleaze, F.L.M., Whenever You Need Somebody, Toy Boy,
Love In The First Degree


 Jack Mix I, II And III
Segue Remix (Its So Fresh) (20:06)

1   Showing Out
2   Respectable
3   Jack Your Body
4   Whenever You're Ready
5   Who's That Girl
6   Male Stripper
7   Ain't Nothing But A House Party
8   Funky Town
9   Jive Talkin'
10   Heartache
11   Jackin'
12   If I Say Yes
13   We'll Be Right Back
14   Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now
15   Living In A Box
16   Can U Dance
17   Goodbye Stranger
18   I Heard A Rumour
19   Axel F.
20   Causing A Commotion
21   The Jack That House Built
22   La Bamba
23   La Isla Bonita
24   I Love My Radio
25   Do It Properly
26   Big Fun
27   I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
28   House Nation
29   Casanova
30   Let Youself Go
31   Stop Bajon... Primavera
32   The Opera House
33   Full Metal Jacket (I Wanna Be)
34   When Smokey Sings
35   Star Trekkin'
36   You Keep Me Hanging On
37   Open Your Heart
38   I Found Lovin'
39   I.O.U.
40   Southern Freeez
41   Underwater

Serious Mix, Jack Mix VI,
Jack Mix IV And V Segue Remix
(This Is A Journey Into Sound) (19:30)

1   Serious
2   Surrender
3   What's It To Ya
4   Roadblock
5   Nasty
6   Keep Your Eye On Me
7   Word Up
8   Lost In Emotion
9   Fake
10   C'est La Vie
11   Back & Forth
12   Mr Sleaze
13   French Kissin' In The USA
14   Whishing Well
15   Diamonds
16   What Have You Done For Me Lately
17   Looking For A New Love
18   Close (To The Edit)
19   Mr Manic & Sister Cool
20   You Sexy Thing
21   Dominoes
22   Chicago Song
23   Paid In Full
24   Le Freak
25   Pump Up The Volume
26   Call Me
27   System Of Survival
28   F.L.M.
29   Bad
30   Don't Stop (Jammin')
31   Walk The Dinosaur
32   Girls Can Jak Too
33   So Emotional
34   Irresistable
35   Whenever You Need Somebody
36   My Love Is Guaranteed
37   Put The Needle To The Record
38   The Real Thing
39   Toy Boy
40   Love In The First Degree
41   Criticize
42   Dinner With Gershwin
43   Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)
44   Oops Upside Your Head
45   House Nation
46   Mony Mony
47   Never Can Say Goodbye