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SE SE SE (쎄쎄쎄)

Korean three Girl Group SE SE SE Version! Korean Title is Over. and their second album(This Album) is out of print and rare!
This korean version lyric is totally different with original lyric. This song is criticizing boyfriend's OVERACTING.
SE SE SE got disbanded after releasing two albums. Hit song from this 2nd album was track 2. 'I'll Leave'.
HEE Record Co., ltd. Seoul Korea. HRCD-024.


01. 천사표 3:58
02. 떠날거야 3:20
03. 언제나 내곁에 4:08
04. 오락가락 (Partial Insertion From "Sex Bump Twist" by MO-DO) 3:44
05. Next Day 3:32
06. 넌 성공한거야 3:14
07. 와뚜와리 3:16
08. 엑스 3:59
09. 안봐도 VIDEO(Remake Version) (원제:대지의 항구) 2:47
10. OVER(Remake Version) (원제:Love in the first degree by BANANARAMA) 3:31