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Sum Kar Fong

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Sum Kar Fong (沈家鳳)

Sum Kar Fong is singer from HK. but this CD was released in Singapore.
All the tracks are almost cover version.
Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love, Out of The Blue,
Sabrina - Boys, Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up....

She is so nameless singer. Yeseule's HK friend Kenny searched information about her.
Nothing found. Maybe the fact that this album was released only in singapore. It could be right.
Anyway track6 is LITFD cover version. By the way, this cover version is not that good.
Maybe the worst LITFD cover version. But remixed version is included here. 4:24.
Album title is 'The Album of Love'. Pronunciation is Oi Dik Juen Chap.

Original Chinese Title

Chinese Title Pronunciation

Chinese Title Translation


Shun Shum Dik Wai Kui

Fear of Confidence

Extremely rare CD. This CD must be the rarest LITFD cover version CD.
Information & cooperated by Jez, Norman, Mitsuhiro, Kenny.

沈家鳳 - 愛的專輯

01. 愛裡有奇妙 3:35
02. BOYS
03. 歡笑地唱
04. 永恆的愛
05. 隱藏的笑面
06. 信心的畏懼
07. 隨緣
08. 會是我的
09. 路
10. 故事


01. Belinda Carlisle - Heaven is A Place On Earth
02. Sabrina - Boys
03. Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love
04. Not Cover Version
05. Not Cover Version
06. Bananarama - Love in The First Degree
07. Not Cover Version
08. Debbie Gibson - Out of The Blue
09. Belinda Carlisle - Circle in The Sand
10. Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up