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Love in the First Degree Videography (비디오 정보입니다)

비디오는 두가지 버전이 있으며 각각 영국판 오리지날 싱글과 히트곡 모음집에 실려 있습니다.
싱글 CDV에 수록된 버전이 오리지날이구 히트곡 모음집판에는
1988 BPI 시상식에서의 라이브가 삽입되어 있다는 군요! 감독은
Andy Morhan.

14명의 남자댄서들이 아주 야한 복장으루 나오네여. ㅜ.ㅜ 죄수복같은 속옷만 입구.

Love in the First Degree (UK CDV)
 includes Original Music Video (PAL)

Greatest Hits (Japanese Laserdisc)
includes Music video with 1988 BPI award Live. (NTSC)




Love in the first degree Live Performance

1987/Japanese TV - short intv + “Love in the First Degree” (p81)
1987/Brit Awards - Love in the 1st Degree
1988/Montreux “Love in the First Degree” intv + “Mr. Sleaze” (p81)
1988 ish/Diamond Awards - “Love in the First Degree”“Nathan Jones” and “Venus” at Antwerp and also recieve award (12mins)
1988/the Brits “Love in the First Degree” last performance w/Siobhan (3mins)
1995/MuchMusic Spotlight - this features an old MuchMusic interview taped probably in 1989 or so and includes the following videos: “Movin’ On”, “Help,” “Love In The First Degree,” “More More More,” and “Every Shade of Blue” (25mins, VG+)
1995/Live TCR - 3 songs (Unconfirmed)
1995/96 - fan shot live footage of concert - 4 songs (Unconfirmed)
Love in the 1st Degree (20th Anniversary Live)