James Ivory's Maurice
(모리스 트리븃)




 E. M Foster의 원작을 완벽하게 영화화하는
제임스 아이보리가 전망좋은 방에 이어 도전한 작품!!!
그 자신이 동성애자였던 포스터가 사후에 출간하게 된 원작으로
휴 그랜트와 제임스 윌비의 너무 완벽한 연기가 베니스에서
공동남우주연상을 획득하게 했지요. 헬레나 본 햄 카터도 우정출연.
음악은 전망좋은 방의 리타드 로빈스! 누구나 한번쯤 봐야할 아름다운 작품.
절제미와 아름다운 음악, 그리구 촬영이 돋보였지요.
국내엔 미개봉, 몇 년전부터 개봉예정작이였는데
어떤 이유에선지 아직까지 무소식이군요,
남성의 정면누드가 여러번 나오지만
제임스 아이보리의 작품에선 마치 아름다운 나신처럼 우아해보이는군요.



Maurice, the acclaimed Gay Love Story

Starring: James Wilby, Hugh Grant, Rupert Graves, Ben Kingsley, Billie Whitelaw,
Denholm Elliott, Simon Callow and Helena Bonham Carter

Director: James Ivory

With the same reverence and regal authority he brought to A Room with a View,
director Ivory has created a personal triumph with this exquisite adaptation of E. M. Forster's semiautobiography.

Set in pre-WWI England, the film examines the social and sexual repression of the era in this story of the emotional conflict facing a college student coming to terms with his homosexuality.

Wilby is perfectly cast in the title role, Grant gives a precise performance as his platonic lover who transforms from free spirit to social prig, and Graves is splendid as the handsome gardener who awakens Maurice's dormant feelings.

Ivory brings his subdued, "Masterpiece Theater" style to a forbidden subject -- homosexual love.
Maurice is based on E.M. Forster's suppressed 1914 novel that was held back from publication until after his death.

The film takes place at Cambridge, before World War I, when homosexuality was outlawed in Great Britain. Clive (Grant), an aristocratic Englishman with a life of privilege, suddenly shocks his close friend Maurice (Wilby) by declaring his love for him.

Maurice is initially stunned by the pronouncement, but in the end finds himself giving Clive a passionate kiss and telling him that he loves him as well.

Clive, in the stiff-upper-lip British manner, considers their love to be more of an intellectual concept, but Maurice becomes passionate about the affair. Clive, afraid of being exposed as a homosexual, backs off and breaks up with Maurice for marriage, family, and politics.

Maurice is crestfallen, but then he has a passionate affair with Clive's gamekeeper, Scudder (Graves), and Maurice and Scudder decide to risk their reputations by openly living together as lovers.

Maurice Collection

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미국판 엘디로 재판인데
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Original Soundtrack CD

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includes Room with a View, Maurice
and Howard's End!!
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엔딩송에 뻑갔져여!!!
절판인데 제임스 아이보리 트릴로지 세트에
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Japanese Pamphlet

Japanese Movie Program!
includes Script in japanese!!
and Many Cool Photos from the film!

일본판 팜플렛으로 소형인데 표지가 일러스트로
아주 이쁘져~
일본판 시나리오가 들어있는데다가
일본의 유명한 감독인 모리타 요시미츠(가족게임, 실낙원, 하루)가
다른 전문가들과 이 영화에 관해 토론한 것이 실려있지여.