Everything U have to know about yeseule.kr

Best view with 1152 × 864 Mode Internet Explorer 5.5
korean fonts named Human Yeopsuchae, download it and move it to fonts folder then refresh this site.
Also Arial, Verdana, Times New Roman, Tahoma fonts are needed to view in the best condition.




Human Yeopsuchae & Human Magicchae



This is the best view of yeseule.kr



This is Background music player! When u connect yeseule.net
U have to turn off other player like Winamp, Real Player, Windows Media Player and so on...
Then U can hear the sound. Many visitors like background music on yeseule.kr.
So U should try to listen.

m_list for tracklist and choose ur favorites.



This is Mini Chat Window. type your nickname in Orange blank, and chat via violet blank.
If U don't wanna receive message from others. Click
Off-Mesg. U can find the option from right part.

and U can check how many visitors are online here now. See
Current User number.

and if U click
1:1 Chatting. This mini window will be appear. U can send messgage directly to other visitors.
Click nickname whom U wanna send message from 'CURRENT USER IP ADDRESS'
Then the nickname will appear on blank, now it is time for U to send message to someone!!!

Pink button



Green button