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Yeseule (Funny Administrator)

Name : Hong Yeseule
Sex : Female
Nation : South Korea
Character : Gentle, Quiet but with close friends very active
Attraction Point : Long eyelashes, Hip
Hobby : Living in the cyber world, Listening to the fav music,
Collecting goods (CD, LD, DVD, Movie Progam)
Special Ability : Singing, Dancing, Harrasing boys, Doing cute things to boyfriend
Job : Selling
Dream : Cute Wife, Nice Mommy
Homepage :
Email :
ICQ : 83132141
Favorite Things : BoA, Mashimaro, LITFD
Favorite Song : Bananarama - Love in the first degree
Favorite Album : A-Ha - Scoundrel Days
Favorite Singer : BoA
Favorite Music Video : BoA - No.1
Favorite Book : Herman Hesse's Demian
Favorite Genre : K-Pop, Eurodance, Italo Disco, PWL / SAW
How Many Vinyl & CD Yeseule has : Secret.
Treasure : LITFD collection + BoA collection
Things Yeseule does When Yeseule meets friends : Drinking,
Dancing BoA dance in the Karaoke, Americal Pool, Dancing in the Techno bar
Country where Yeseule has been before: None
What Yeseule thinks of Yeseule's Site : Lovely! Cute! Yebbo!


Mylenium (Moderator of Eurodance Update News & LITFD Board)

Name : Paul Klasen
Sex : Man
Nation : Dutch
Character : cool, funny,
Attraction Point : my hair, my eyes and voice
Hobby :collecthing music all kind, Formula 1 racing,
listen to music, shopping, visiting big cities
Special Ability :capable to find solution for every problem
Job : Work @ finance department for a big company
Dream : visiting Korea and meet Yeseule
Homepage : no
Email :
ICQ : 112408375
Favorite Things : Music collection
Favorite Song : Je te rends ton amour
Favorite Album : Mylenium Tour
Favorite Singer : Mylene Farmer and BoA
Favorite Music Video : L'ame-stram-gram - Mylene Farmer and No. 1 - BoA
Favorite Book : don't have
Favorite Genre : Eurodance and Italo
How Many Vinyl & CD Mylenium has : over 2000
Treasure : My Mylene Farmer collection
Things Mylenium does When Mylenium meets friends :
Shopping, dinner, make fun, drink Beer
Country where Mylenium has been before:
New York, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Denmark  and France
What Mylenium thinks of Yeseule's Site : It's the best I have seen in a long time
that's why I stay here all the time. Even live here


Hyo Min (Moderator of Freeboard)

Name :  Hyo Min aka Binary Digit
Sex : Male
Nation : United States
Character : fast paced, flow like water,cool, determined
Attraction Point : Abs, EYelashes, Eyes, Deep voice
Hobby :  Studying korean, learning new things
Special Ability :  Music composition
Job :  Business Owner
Dream : Perform in S. Korea while living with my special friend
Homepage : www.electromo.net - www.mp3.com/digitized
Email :
Jumbe@hotmail.com - Electromo@mail.com
ICQ : 109888351
Favorite Things : lovers hand, Korean food, music stuff
Favorite Song :   Fly High
Favorite Album :  Loveppears
Favorite Singer :  Ayumi Hamasaki
Favorite Music Video :  Dru Hill - You Are Everything (Epic)
Favorite Book : hangukuh dokbong - Yeonsae University
Favorite Genre : Dance-Trance
How Many Vinyl & CD Hyo Min has : 50
Treasure : Girl Friends
Things Hyo Min does When Hyo Min meets friends :
Shopping, Pool, Bowling, Movie, dinner...
Country where Hyo Min has been before: U.s.a, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea
What Hyo Min thinks of Yeseule's Site : Cool, Keep it up. I love coming here.


PokPalGate (Moderator of K-Pop+J-Pop & Identify Song Board)

Name : Kwang Soo
Sex : Male
Nation : Korean
Character : I'm a nice guy
Attraction Point : Eyes
Hobby : Listening to music, Playing basketball
Special Ability : Not giving up
Job : Student
Dream : To be rich and buy anything I want
Homepage : None
Email :
ICQ : 195800541
Favorite Things : K-Pop, Movie, Music
Favorite Song : Koyote - ǿ
Favorite Album : NRG 1st Album
Favorite Singer : Koyote
Favorite Music Video : Clon - ʷ
Favorite Book : Don't really have one
Favorite Genre : K-Pop, Dance
How Many Vinyl & CD PokPalGate
has : 20
Treasure : family and friends
Things PokPalGate does When PokPalGate meets friends :
play basketball, watch movies, talk
Country where PokPalGate has been before: Korea, USA
What PokPalGate thinks of Yeseule's Site : It's the best!


wuub2yoo (Member)

Name : Jieun!
Sex : female
Nation : Korean
Character : depends on the mood.. mostly normally nice
Attraction Point : <--- your attraction point (from Body or face) small ears...;;
Hobby : listening to music, running, drawing, computer chatting
Special Ability : violin;; annoying people =)
Job : student
Dream : want to visit japan one day and want to be someone important
Homepage :
Email :
wubb2yoo@hotmail.com lovinkrn@hotmail.com
ICQ : i dont have one
Favorite Things : computer violin cds
Favorite Song : moon & sunrise
Favorite Album : valenti, and chocolate factory (r.k)
Favorite Singer : boa and r kelly...
Favorite Music Video : My Sweetie
Favorite Book : To kill a mocking bird;;
Favorite Genre :  r&b
How Many Vinyl & CD
wuub2yoo has : 0 vinyl, about 40 cds
Treasure : computer cds
wuub2yoo does When wuub2yoo meets friends : chat
Country where
wuub2yoo has been before: canada korea usa
wuub2yoo thinks of Yeseule's Site :  its the best =b


two lips (Moderator of Music News Board)




AppleTree (Moderator of Movie News Board)




b-side (Member)


Name: b-side aka chase
Sex : male
Nation : u.s.a.
Character : cheerful, quiet
Attraction Point : eyes
Hobby : listening to music
Special Ability : video game expert, can imitate janet's voice
Job : student
Dream : to meet janet jackson
Homepage : n/a
Email :
ICQ : n/a
Favorite Things : game boy, gamecube, computer
Favorite Song : and on and on - janet jackson
Favorite Album : janet.remixed
Favorite Singer : janet jackson
Favorite Music Video : if - janet jackson
Favorite Book : n/a (don't like to read)
Favorite Genre : r&b
How Many Vinyl & CD b-side has : 0 vinyl, 26 cds
Treasure : family
Things b-side does When b-side meets friends : acts wierd
Country where b-side has been before: u.s., peru
What b-side thinks of Yeseule's Site : cool site to meet friends


alexa jade (Member)

Name : alexa jade aka lana fernandez
Sex : female
Nation : united states [maryland]; origin-> philippines
Character : strong willed / go with the flow / understand
Attraction Point : [in order] eyes ->lips ->character
Hobby : traveling/driving, cooking, studyin, playing sports, photography
Special Ability : sing and dancing
Job : student as of now
Dream : to finish school [graduate etc,]; become nurse;
travel around the world
Homepage :
Email :
ICQ : nada
Favorite Things : none at the mo for it changes
Favorite Song : recent? Beautiful by snoop and pharell
Favorite Album : meteora by LP
Favorite Singer : miss spears
Favorite Music Video:  rNb MTVs
Favorite Book : any by amy tan
Favorite Genre : rnb, alternative, dirty pop
How Many Vinyl & CD alexa has :
haha not much i burn most of them from friend
Treasure : my picture collection from friends and those that i take
Things alexa does When alexa meets friends : watch movies,
go out and play sports, drive around, dance
Country where alexa has been before:
philippines, canada, jez so far:-P
What alexa thinks of Yeseule's Site : ur site is realli cool;-)
keep it up hehe it's growin!!!! it's alive. hehehe


hotdiscomix (Member)

Name : Steffen Spranger
Sex : man
Nation : Germany
Character : nice, gently and sometimes playful and pigheaded
Attraction Point : my blue eyes
Hobby : collecting music specially Remix Services, web design, car drive
Special Ability : feeling for design
Job : work in a small engineer bureau
Dream : nice own family, Candlelight dinner with Yeseule
Homepage :
Email :
ICQ : 126760276
Favorite Things : music collection, my web site update
Favorite Song : Tantra - Hills Of Katmandu
Favorite Album : several Disconet issues
Favorite Singer : Donna Summer, France Joli
Favorite Music Video : Michael Jackson - Thriller
Favorite Book : Albert Goldman's Disco?
Favorite Genre : Underground 70s Disco, early Hi-NRG, Remix Services
How Many Vinyl & CD hotdiscomix has : 400 Vinyls and 600 CDs
Treasure : my Disconet Remix Service collection
Things hotdiscomix does When hotdiscomix meets friends :
dinner, drink wine, blaspheme about other friends
Country where hotdiscomix has been before:
USA (east coast), Canada, Italy, Monaco,
Austria, Denmark, Hungary and Poland
What hotdiscomix thinks of Yeseule's Site :
informatively, funny and with much loves created


Melis (Member)

Name : Roger, but u may call me Weezer? ^_~
Sex : male
Nation : Dutch
Character : playful n nice most of the time ^^
Attraction Point : eyes maybe?
Hobby : mail/chat, movies, music, games, reading
Special Ability : being positive
Job : English teacher in Korea? Argh not yet >_< Still student
Dream : To be with my korean gf - like, forever ^^
Homepage :
Email :
ICQ : 151645945
Favorite Things : gf, cd's, internet ^^
Favorite Song : "Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue" ... no, not really ^^ BUT quite a nice classic, isn't it? 1 of my fave songs -at this moment- could be
"Hot Hot Heat - Oh Goddamnit" or "Consumed - Heavy Metal Winner"
and THE fave song of THIS moment is:"Fountains Of Wayne - Sink To The Bottom".
Favorite Album : probably "Weezer - Weezer"
Favorite Singer : probably Rivers Cuomo from "Weezer" ^^
Favorite Music Video : probably "Weezer - Buddy Holly",
but Michael Jackson also has some nifty stuff
Favorite Book : I'm reading now a fantasy called "Wizard's 2nd rule" n I like it ^^
Favorite Genre : books? Probably fantasy. music? see my member info ^_^
How Many Vinyl & CD Melis has :
Vinyl? o_O I have cd's ^_^ Not so many About 30 I guess
Treasure : my gf aaaw how sweet ^_^
Things Melis does When Melis meets friends : depends on friends. ^^ Play games,
watch movies, eat, talk. Something like tat, rite? ^^
Country where Melis has been before: Germany & France
Next country to visit: koLea ^o^
What Melis thinks of Yeseule's Site : Very nice! BUT ^0^ Your forum has soooo many subjects... I get lost when looking at it. ^^ Or is tat because I am still a forum "baby"? ^^ Nice to have menu-music! Tatu = so cute n their song is so nice! ^0^
Oh and Yeseule, your pictures are so tough & cool ^^
Original site, I guess. Didn't see half of it yet *^^*


Mitsuhiro (Member)

Name : Mitsuhiro Sato
Sex : Male
Nation : Japan
Character : Shy
Attraction Point : Eyes & Eyelashes
Hobby : Collecting Italo disco 12"
Special Ability : Drawing
Job : ?
Dream :
Happy marriage(^o^)
Homepage :
Email :
ICQ : None
Favorite Things : ?
Favorite Song :
COO COO - All You Need Is Love, RADIORAMA - Why Baby Why, MARK FARINA - Rock Of Love, MAX AND COMPANY - Midnight Radio
LISA JOHNSON - Someone To Love, MAX COO & STEVE COO - Boogie Dancer

Favorite Album :
CHRIS - My Name Is Chris
Favorite Singer :
Emanuella Gubinelli (TALEESA), BoA (cute!!)
Favorite Music Video :
BoA PV Clip "8 films & more"
Favorite Book :
Galaxy Express 999, Dragon Ball, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Favorite Genre :
How Many Vinyl & CD Mitsuhiro has :
2,500 - 3,000
Treasure : ?
Things Mitsuhiro does When Mitsuhiro meets friends : ?
Country where Mitsuhiro has been before: ?
What Mitsuhiro thinks of Yeseule's Site :
The best WEBSITE for me.
I learned various things in this site. This is made very in detail.
I respect you very much. Keep it up!!!!


JuSTiNb (Member)

Name : Justin
Sex : Male
Nation : U.S.
Character : lazy
Attraction Point : o_o
Hobby : practice being a music producer or practice japanese language
Special Ability : dunno o_o;
Job : student
Dream : music producer, live in japan or italy
Homepage : dont have one
Email :
ICQ : 155630407
Favorite Things : computer, friends
Favorite Song : beat box feat. dj speedo - cant take my eyes off you
Favorite Album : dont have one
Favorite Singer : jenny rom singer, lara soft, jennifer, rose, and judy crystal
Favorite Music Video : turbo - history
Favorite Book : battle royale
Favorite Genre : Bubble, Speedy, Eurodance, Eurobeat
How Many Vinyl & CD
JuSTiNb has : vinyl - 6, cd - way too many
Treasure : my Speed E.P. vinyls
JuSTiNb does When JuSTiNb meets friends : be nice act odd
Country where
JuSTiNb has been before: nowhere outside the U.S...
i wanna goto Italy and Japan though
JuSTiNb thinks of Yeseule's Site : good