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10th Anniversary Edition



Color, 1.85:1 Letterboxed, NTSC, Director's Cut

Running Time



English (Dolby Digital 2.0)


English, Closed-Captioned



Release Date






Garry Marshall

Richard Gere, Julia Roberts


Screen 1/2 from

Menu design is simple, just average level. not better or not worse than it.

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Edward met Vivian on the Hollywood street somewhere.
Edward is rich businessman. and Vivian is a girl on the street.
They met by destiny... One day, Vivian got ignored by some girls in the shop.
"It is expensive, VERY EXPENSIVE! Just leave!" (T--T)
since Vivian was a poor girl, she got ignored by those bitches.

Vivian's prince is making her as PRINCESS, The happiest princess in the world!
She is now being served well. She deserves it! cuz she is pretty woman. (^p^)

Now, look at her, pretty woman walking down the street. She dropped by the shop where she got ignored.
"U made BIG MISTAKE! Big! Huge!" Vivian showed what she bought. HAHAHAHAHA how cute she is~

She is taking a tub with BUBBLES~
she broke the rule, NO KISS ON THE MOUTH. This means Vivian's fallen in love with Edward.

Famous scene in this film. Julia Roberts' famous BIG SMILE~

She couldn't make her dream come true, they finally broke.
but vivian & edward, they are thinking about the same thing. It is a LOVE they cannot forget.

"Vivian PRINCESS!!!"
Yep edward appeared with red roses.

Film ends with their kiss scene.





Subtitle from

Only english subtitle.

Special Feature from

Over 15 minutes of additional footage

Selected B Roll

Production Featurette

Wild Women Do music video by Natalie Cole

Theatrical trailer

Commentary by director Garry Marshall

Vivian & Edward, they are in trouble now.
But who is edward!
He is so~~~~rich! He is a prince! (^o^)
Wanna know what happens next?
Watch this DVD! (^p^)

Additional Footage

U can see behind scenes here.
Backmusic is Pretty Woman.
Julia is so pretty here.
But video quality is bad.
and not that long.


    Production Featurette

    Very short interviews!
    Pretty dissapointing!

It would be much better
If they put
Roxette - It Must Have Been Love!
Pretty Woman Soundtrack is full of
Great songs!
Fallen, It Must Have Been Love,
King of Wishful Thinking, Tangled,
No Explanation....

"Wild Women Do" Music Video
by Natalie Cole


Result 1/2 from

This is the last scene!!!! How romantic!
Yeseule wanna kiss like that! With Yeseule's prince who makes yeseule as princess~~~~~~ (^p^)/


If U wanna check video quality of this DVD, This picture is the right one u can tell.
This pic was captured by WinDVD and the best quality. Video quality of this DVD is pretty good.