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Miss Yeseule received few CDS from Tequila Producer from Denmark.
Yeseule found his produced songs are very Interesting! and Cool! Come On! Join the Party!!!

Tequila presents Tanja Maria - My Boy Lolipop '95
(Miss Yeseule's One of Favorite Song! Cool A+++)

01.My Boy Lollipop '95 (7'' Radio Edit 3'07)
02.My Boy Lollipop '95 (Axel Party Instr. 5'40)
03.My Boy Lollipop '95 (Axel Party Mix 5'40)
04.We Call It House (6'01 Bonus Track)
05.With A Boy like You (Solid Base Happy Mix 4'45 Bonusmix)

Tequila - Cover Me! (excuse me while i dance!!)

01.Tequila Shouts by The Tequila Posse
02.Holiday Vox - Tanja Maria
(Madonna Cover)
03.My Boy Lolipop Vox - Tanja Maria, DJ Lyng, 'The Killer'
(The Chordettes Cover) (HIT SONG)
04.I Only Wanna Be with You Vox - Debenee
(Dusty Springfield Cover)
05.Red Red Wine Vox - Lilith, King Lion
(UB40 Cover) (HIT SONG)
06.Tainted Love Vox - Lilith
07.Gonna Get Along without You Vox - Debenee
08.Stop Vox - Lilith Choir - Tanja Maria
09.Baby Come Back Vox - Debenee, King Lion
10.With A Boy like You Vox - Tanja Maria, DJ Lyng
(Chriss Cover) (HIT SONG)
11.Wild Wild Whistle Vox - King Lion
12.Locomotion Vox - Tanja Maria
(Kylie Minogue Cover)
13.We Call It House Shouts bt The Tequila Posse
14.Just Can't Get Enough Vox - Tanja Maria


Lyrics of Tequila 'Cover Me' Album : Comin' Soon

LINK : Comin' Soon


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