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Yeseule's A-Ha songlist

Yeseule's A-Ha DJ Remixes


A-Ha - Take On Me (Japanese 3" Promo CD Single) [Rare : OOOO]


Take On Me 3:47

This is not for sale, promo cd single
presented by convenien store
Seven Eleven, Sleeve has lyrics on the back.
The rarest A-HA cd single. WQSE-1001.
'Take On Me' has never been released as CD single format.
Except US two track CD single which looks bad.
This CD single has picture sleeve! Also 1 track.
This can be called as True 'Take On Me' CD single.


A-Ha - Take On Me/The Sun Always Shines On TV (USA CD Single) [Rare : OOO]


1. Take On Me (3:47)
2. The Sun Always Shines On TV (4:42)

This single contains the EDIT VERSION of
"The Sun Always Shines On TV"
which is not the album version [5:05].
The single looks like 45rpm record
in a brown recycled card sleeve.
May 27, 1993.
9 21999-2 Produced by Alan Tarney. 


A-Ha - The Sun Always Shines On TV LIVE (German MCD) [Rare : O1/2]


1.The Sun Always Shines On TV - Single Edit (Live) 3:59
2.The Sun Always Shines On TV (Live) 6:12
3.Scoundrel Days (Live) 5:12
4.The Sun Always Shines On TV (Enhanced Video) 3:59

German issue MCD!
Yes! The Sun Always Shines On TV!!! as Maxi CD!
These are live versions + Video!


A-Ha - Stay On These Roads (German MCD) [Rare : OOO]


1. Stay On These Roads 4.47
    (7-Inch Version)
Soft Rains Of April 3.17
    (Original Mix)
Take On Me 3.48
Cry Wolf 4.03

German 4-track 3-inch CD (with adapter)
released in 1988 by WARNER BROTHERS
cat# W7936CD / 920 905-2.


A-Ha - Touchy! (German MCD) [Rare : OOO]


1. Touchy (Go-Go Mix) 8:19
Hurry Home 4:34
Hunting High And Low 3:41

German 3-track 3-inch CD (with adapter)
includes 8min Remix of Touchy!
released in 1988 by WARNER BROTHERS
cat# W7749 CD / 921 045-2.


A-Ha - You Are The One (German MCD) [Rare : OOO]


1 You Are The One (7" Remix) 3.47
2 Scoundrel Days (LP Version) 3.56
3 Out Of Blue Comes Green (LP Version) 6.41

German 3-track 3-inch CD (with adapter)
released in 1988 by WEA / WARNER BROTHERS
cat# W7636 CD / 921 121-2.


A-Ha - Crying In The Rain (German MCD) [Rare : OO1/2]


1. crying in the rain 4:25
2. (seemingly) nonstop july 2:55
3. cry wolf 4:05


A-Ha - Hunting High & Low (Japanese CD Album) [Rare : OO1/2]


01.take on me (3:46)
02.train of thought (4:11)
03.hunting high and low (3:43)
04.the blue sky (2:22)
05.living a boy's adventure tale (5:00)
06.the sun always shines on t.v. (5:06)
07.and you tell me (1:51)
08.love is reason (3:04)
09.i dream myself alive (3:06)
10.here I stand and face the rain (4:30)

Only japan issue comes with lyrics note.


A-Ha - Scoundrel Days (Korean CD Album) [Rare : OOOO]


01.Scoundrel Days (3:56)
02.The Swing Of Things (4:14)
03.I've Been Losing You (4:24)
04.October (3:48)
05.Manhattan Skyline (4:52)
06.Cry Wolf (4:05)
07.We're Looking For The Whales (3:39)
08.The Weight Of The Wind (3:57)
09.Maybe Maybe (2:34)
10.The Soft Rains Of April (3:12)

This album is like a grey poem book.
Korean version is extremely rare.
very limited copies were released during a short time.
sleeve has lyrics, pics and korean review!

Yeseule's favorite album all time!


A-Ha - Stay On These Roads (Japanese CD Album) [Rare : OO1/2]


01.Stay On These Roads (4:44)
02.The Blood That Moves The Body (4:05)
03.Touchy! (4:31)
04.This Alone Is Love (5:13)
05.Hurry Home (4:34)
06.The Living Daylights (4:46)
07.There's Never A Forever Thing (2:49)
08.Out Of Blue Comes Green (6:40)
09.You Are The One (3:48)
10.You'll End Up Crying (2:06)

A-Ha - East of The Sun, West of The Moon (Korean CD Album)
[Rare : OO1/2]

A-Ha - Headlines & Deadlines of A-Ha, The Hits of A-Ha
(Japanese CD Album) [Rare : OO1/2]


01.Take On Me (3:48)
02.Cry Wolf (4:08)
03.Touchy! (4:38)
04.You Are The One (remix) (3:47)
05.Manhattan Skyline (4:51)
06.The Blood That Moves The Body (4:06)
07.Early Morning (2:59)
08.Hunting High And Low (remix) (3:48)
09.Move To Memphis (4:18)
09.I've Been Losing You (4:26)
10.The Living Daylights (4:17)
11.Crying In The Rain (4:24)
12.I Call Your Name (4:53)
13.Stay On These Roads (4:47)
14.Train Of Thought (remix) (4:17)
15.The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (5:05)

Only japan issue includes lyrics Note.


A-Ha - Memorial Beach (Korean CD Album) [Rare : OO1/2]


01. Dark is the Night for All 3'45"
02. Move To Memphis 4'15"
03. Cold as Stone 8'14"
04. Angel in the Snow 4'16"
05. Locust 5'08"
06. Lie Down in Darkness 4'32"
07. How Sweet It was 6'00"
08. Lamb to the Slaughter 4'18"
09. Between Your Mama and Yourself 4'12"

10. Memorial Beach 4'32"


A-Ha - The Singles 1984 l 2004 (Korean CD Album) [Rare : OO1/2]


01. Take On Me (3:48)
02. The Sun Always Shine On TV (4:42)
03. Train Of Thought
(Remix) (4:15)
04. Hunting High And Low
(Remix) (3:47)
05. I've Been Losing You (4:25)
06. Cry Wolf (4:03)
07. Manhattan Skyline
(Single Edit) (4:17)
08. The Living Daylights
(7" Version) (4:14)
09. Stay On These Roads (4:46)
10. Touchy!
(Single Mix/Edit) (4:33)
11. Crying In The Rain (4:22)
12. Move To Memphis (4:13)
13. Dark Is The Night For All (3:46)
14. Shapes That Go Together (4:14)
15. Summer Moved On
(Radio Edit) (4:03)
16. Minor Earth Major Sky
(Niven's Radio Edit) (4:03)
17. Velvet
(Radio Version) (4:05)
18. Forever Not Yours (4:03)
19. Lifelines
(Album Version Edit) (3:58)


A-Ha - The Swing Of Things (Norwegian Photobook+CD) [Rare : OOO1/2]









1. Take On Me (demo) 3:19
2. Presenting Lily Mars 3:18
3. Dot The I 3:49
4. Days On End 3:29
5.The Love Goodbye 2:39
6. Monday Mourning 3:11
7. Never Never 3:23
(pre The Sun Always Shines On TV)
8. Så blåser det på jorden 3:19
9. Go To Sleep 2:27
10. Hunting High and Low 3:45
11. I've Been Losing You 4:24
12. The Swing Of Things (demo) 10:00

hidden track
13. Living a boy's adventure tale (early version)








400-page book with tons of imagery PLUS a 13-track CD containing previously un-released demos and mixes. Complete tour list and selected discography in the back plus a massive amount of cool imagery spanning their entire career. The 13-track bonus disc is worth the investment alone. Early versions of Take on me, The sun always shines on TV and Hunting high and low, just to mention a few. A brick of a book (2 pounds) spanning their career from the early days of Bridges till their latest solo efforts (Savoy and Magne). Available through a-ha.com only until end of 2005.








A-Ha - 45 R.P.M Club (Japanese Only CD EP) [Rare : OOO]


2. DRIFTWOOD (Non-Album Track) 3:05

Japanese issue which includes lyrics Note and various photos.


A-Ha - Twelve Inch Club (Japanese Only CD EP) [Rare : OOO]


Train Of Thought 7:01
(Steve Thompson Mix)
And You Tell Me 1:54
(Demo Version)
The Sun Always Shines On T.V. 8:24
(Steve Thompson Mix)
Train Of Thought 8:32
(Dub Version)

Only japanese issue which includes lyrics Note.
Released on Warner-Pioneer (cat# 28XD-460).


A-Ha - Scoundrel Club (Japanese Only CD EP - 1st Press) [Rare : OOO]


1. Cry Wolf (Extended Version) 8:12
2. We're Looking For The Whales
(Live Version) 3:48
3. I've Been Losing You
(Dub) 4:27
4. Manhattan Skyline
(Extended Remix) 6:48
5. Hunting High And Low
(Extended Remix) 6:01

Released on Warner-Pioneer (cat# 15P2-2670).
Now out of print, Japanese pressed ONLY CD.


A-Ha - Road Club (Japanese Only CD EP) [Rare : OOO]


1. The Blood That Moves The Body [Extended Version] (5:26)
2. Take On Me
[Extended Version] (4:51)
3. Stay On These Roads
[Extended Version] (6:13)
4. Hunting High And Low
[Extended Remix] (6:03)
5. Soft Rains of April
[Original Mix] (3:14)

Only japanese issue which includes lyrics Note.
1988 WEA/WARNER-JAPAN 25P2-2131
Made in Japan - Picture Disc.