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Morten Harket (Also Check 'A-Ha')

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Morten Harket - Wild Seed (Korean CD Album) [Rare : OOOO]









01. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (3:42)
A Kind Of Christmas Card (4:06)
03. Spanish Steps (4:07)
04. Half In Love Half In Hate (4:45)
05. Brodsky Tune (4:23)
06. Wild Seed (4:48)
07. Los Angeles (4:26)
08. East-Timor (4:12)
09. Lay Me Down Tonight (2:17)
10. Tell Me What You See (4:50)
11. Stay (3:29)
12. Lord (3:46)
13. Ready To Go Home (4:33)








Extremely rare item from Korea. After being released 'WIld Seed' Korean issue.
Korea Warner Music Company released 'Wild Seed' special edition with great classic cover version 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You'! Also featured on OST 'Conspiracy Theory' starring Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. For the 1st track! Sleeve added lyrics of 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You'. also comes with Special edition review in korea. Reviewer mentioned about 'Can' Take My Eyes Off of You' as most charming bonus for A-Ha fans. Few copies already got out of print. after being released. And very hard to find, these days.
Manufactured by SKC in cooperation with Hwa Eum Records. Co. Ltd. 9362-47067-2