Yeseule's SOUNDTRACK Review


Ai no Corrida : Realm of Senses (감각의 제국) Want!!!

Oshima Nagisa's notorious Film in 1976.
Only Available as vinyl.
Miss Yeseule has been looking for CD Copy.
But Record Company in Japan hasn't released CD Format.
So We Can only Find
LP Version in 1976.
Extremely Rare One!
Even Miss Yeseule doesn't have. :(
Also EP Version was released!

More info? Yeseule's Ai No Corrida Tribute

Christmas in August (8월의 크리스마스)

One of Well-Made Korean Film.
Music by Jo Sung Woo.
Out pf Print. and very rare one!
There are
Japanese Version and HK Version.
Both are out of Print, too.
If U wanna see Booklit and other info.
Click below!

More info? Yeseule's Christmas in August Homepage

My Own Private Idaho (내 마음의 고향 아이다호) Want!!!

Soundtrack Unavailable yet!
This Version is
Bootleg made by
IDAHO Super Mania!
He made this Limited CD for Domail Address of
Sadly Miss Yeseule couldn't get this.

His IDAHO Homepage

More info? Yeseule's IDAHO Tribute

Stealing Home - Japanese Version (추억의 첫사랑 - 일본판)

 One of Fantastic Soundtrack Made by David Foster!
Stars Jodie Foster!
David Foster's Instrumental with 60's Pop Collection!
Only Japan Release Version Comes with Special Lyrics Sheet!
One of Must-Have Soundtrack!!!

More info? Yeseule's Stealing Home Tribute


I Love You to Death - Unreleased CDR (바람둥이 길들이기 미공개판 씨디알) Want!!!


 Original OST hasn's Been Released, Yet!
Music by James Horner!
This CDR is Really Rare One!
Special Design by LMRA at Arranged Studio.

Miss Yeseule is Looking for this.
Help! :(

More info? Yeseule's I Love You to Death

Special Edition
for Collectors Only


Tess & Le Locataire - French Only (테스 & 테난트 - 프렌치 온리)

 French Only OST!! For The First Time, Tess & Tenant CD!
2 CD Set! Special Package and inlcudes Interview of Philipe Sarde!
Must-Own OST!!
How Miss Yeseule has wanted This Moment!!
(T^T) <-----Miss Yeseule can't Stop Crying Happy Tears!!!

More info? Yeseule's Tenant Apartment

This is Beautiful Booklit which is included in CD.
with several Tess & Tenant pics.
Also Phillipe & Polanski's pics, too!

Fearless Vampire Killers & Rosemary's Baby - Poland Only
(겁없는 흡혈귀 사냥꾼 & 악마의 씨 - 폴란드 온리)



Rosemary's Baby
(Pic Not Available)


 For Sale in Poland Only!! Rare Soundtrack.
Yeseule Can Say
This is One of Krzysztof Komeda Collection CD.

Yes! There are also
Fearless Vampire Killers & Rosemary's Baby Soundtrack Available!

Miss Yeseule will collect them, too! lol

more info? Yeseule's Polanski Castle

Iwai Shunji Collection (이와이 슈운지 콜렉션)

Wong Kar Wai Collection (왕가위 콜렉션)

 Five Corners (5번가의 비명)

 Very Rare Limited Edition CD of Varese Saravande!!
Not in Any Stores. Limited Edition CD's

Special CD to Club Members Only.
Music by James Newton Howard.

Thelam & Louise - Japanese Version (델마와 루이스 - 일본판)


  Unlike International Version,
Only Japan Release CD includes Lyrics Sheet!

If U're Serioud Lyrics Mania,
Have this One!

 Thelam & Louise - Score Version (델마와 루이스 - 스코어판) Want!!!

 Many People Knows that Thelam & Louise Official OST
doesn't Include Hans Zimmer's Original Score
Except Ending Track 'Thunderbird'

This is Rare Score Version!
U Can Find Every Hans' Scores Here!

Also Come With 'Regarding Henry'

More info? Yeseule's Thelma & Louise World

Dekalog - Polans Version Only (십계 - 폴란드판)

 Very Rare Poland Only Version!